Nov 22, 2011 -

What's next?

'Pronto' released. We are on our way to version 2. The main goal is gitolite support. I think of some other features I find useful for project:

  • Project wiki
  • Workflow/Branch management (create/remove branch, tag etc)
  • Commit/Branch diff
  • Merge requests
  • Issues tags
  • File tab listing all files attached to notes
  • Advanced user profile

Also some things should be improved:

  • New design is far from perfect. It should be polished
  • I dont like tree browse perfomance
  • Activities page requires pagination like 'commits' or 'wall' page
  • Usability

Some We'll try to implement for 2.0, other will be announced as part of 2.1. Anyway I'll continue my work on this project & hope you'll like it.

Thanks for gitlab team for help.

Cant imagine 1.2 released without their help. Special thanks to our designer Ricardo for new look of gitlabhq.

Thank you for your support, feedback & pull requests.

Follow us on twitter (@gitlab) and follow us on github. We really appreciate your support!

sincerely yours, Dmitriy

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