Gitlab Version 2.2

Feb 22, 2012

Up to v2.2

We proud to announce that we released new version of gitlab. First of all we strongly recommend to update your gitlab to v2.2 cause it included a lot of security fixes. Finally gitlab is ready for general enterprise use. For update instructions visit this link For demo visit this link For source code visit this link VMWare image will be available in a week.

So what's new in v2.2? - We've added support of LDAP auth - Improved permission logic (4 roles system) - Protected branches (now only masters can push to protected branches) - Usability improved - twitter bootstrap integrated - compare view between commits - wiki feature - now you can enable/disable issues, wiki, wall features per project - security fixes - improved code browsing (ajax branch switch etc) - improved per-line commenting - git submodules displayed - moved to rails 3.2 - help section improved

Some screens:

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