Sep 21, 2012 -

GitLab v2.9 is released

GITLAB 2.9 released

Good news everyone! I decided to release GITLAB v2.9 today :)

10 reasons to update:

  • over 400 commits of awesome code
  • We changed comments order(except wall)
  • We added omniauth support(twitter, google…)
  • Bunch of stuff fixed
  • Refactored a lot of code
  • We prepared gitlab for gitolite v3
  • Emoji :smile:
  • keep LDAP, OAuth setting in one place -> config/gitlab.yml
  • Profile and Admin area got some new features
  • More API

I've already updated my instance :)

I'd like to thank a community for bug reporting, contributing and patience.

Some screens:

Screens Screens Screens Screens Screens Screens Screens


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