GitLab 4.1

Jan 22, 2013

GITLAB 4.1 Released

Hi everyone!

Today we released GitLab v4.1.0.

We improved performance, fixed some bugs, added public repos and more

Good news

We have some very good news to share. From today onwards, Dmitriy Zaporozhets will work on GitLab development full time!

In the last year, GitLab has grown from a small project to a grown-up solution. Right now, more than 10.000 organizations have upgraded to GitLab 4.0! link

Dmitriy wants to give GitLab his full attention and continue giving the community great features each month. To do this, we will need your help. If you like GitLab and want to help with the development, please make a donation. Donation page

Replaced Resque with Sidekiq:

We replaced Resque with Sidekiq to proccess background jobs. Sidekiq uses threads instead of forks so it is much more efficient with memory compared to Resque.


We improved comments system, especially for merge requests. You see it shows a code related to comments


Optional SignUp:

You can enable signup page.


Public mode:

GitLab allows you to open selected projects to be accessed publicly. These projects will be clonable without any authentication. Also they will be listed on the public access directory


Remember dashboard filter in cookies:


Line numbers for git blame:


Show line diff stats:



Guides: Update from 4.0, New Setup

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