GitLab 5.2 released

May 22, 2013

GitLab 5.2 released

Hi everyone!

Today we release GitLab v5.2. We added forks, code search, turbolinks and much more awesome stuff.

The 4 most important improvements in GitLab 5.2

  1. Forking. You can a fork project into its own namespace now.
  2. Code search. You search inside the project with a search bar on top panel.
  3. Turbolinks. GitLab is much faster because almost all requests does not reload the page.
  4. Shared deploy keys. You can use a deploy key for as many projects as you need and one project can use multiple keys.

This release most valuable person (MVP) is Angus MacArthur for contributing the forking feature, thanks Angus!


New Features:



This release should be an easy upgrade from 5.1. Please use the upgrade guide doc :)






Advanced autocomplete:


For full list see CHANGELOG

For new setup follow Setup Guide

For update instructions see Update Guide

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