Feb 25, 2014 - Jacob Vosmaer

GitLab Enterprise Edition 6.6 Release

Today we announce the release of GitLab Enterprise Edition 6.6.0. GitLab is an open source code hosting and project managament application. In addition to the improvements in GitLab Community Edition 6.6, GitLab Enterprise Edition 6.6.0 contains the following improvements:

  • Feature: permission reset button for LDAP groups. For example, if you accidentally gave your entire organization Master access in a GitLab Group, you can now correct that by changing the default access level for the group and pressing the 'Reset access' button.
  • Improvement: better handling of having a very large number of users with access to a single project

Note that GitLab Enterprise Edition 6.6 is the first release under our new license. Our subscribers can download GitLab 6.6 Enterprise Edition from GitLab Cloud.

Updated 27 Febrary 2014: Refer to the license change.

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