Mar 26, 2014 - Jacob Vosmaer

GitLab Enterprise Edition 6.7 Release

Today we announce the release of GitLab Enterprise Edition 6.7.0. GitLab is an open source code hosting and project managament application. In addition to the improvements in GitLab Community Edition 6.7, GitLab Enterprise Edition 6.7.0 contains the following improvements.

Git hooks

GitLab EE now lets you define project rules that can block commits from being pushed. In GitLab EE 6.7 we have added the following rules:

  • Disallow tag removal via git push (git push origin :mytag)
  • Validate commit messages with regular expressions


Please contact us if you have a need for different hooks.

LDAP Improvements

  • Add support for Active Directory nested LDAP groups: GitLab's LDAP group synchronization now also detects nested members of Active Directory groups.
  • Improve LDAP sign-in speed by reusing connections to the LDAP server

Bug fixes

  • Fix the save button in the admin group edit screen

Our subscribers can download GitLab 6.7 Enterprise Edition from GitLab Cloud.

Update (28 March 2014): We have released GitLab Enterprise Edition 6.7.1 which fixes a bug for some LDAP platforms.

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