GitLab update for Git vulnerability

Patricio Cano
Dec 24, 2014

Today we have released updated versions of our Omnibus packages for the existing GitLab 7.6.1 Community Edition and GitLab 7.6.2 Enterprise Edition. These updated packages contain an updated Git binary (2.0.5) that resolves the recent [Git vulnerability] (

This server side fix blocks incoming Git repositories that contain a malicious tree, so no exploits can be triggered using these updated GitLab versions. has already been updated.

If you recently updated your Omnibus GitLab installation to 7.6.1 CE or 7.6.2 EE, these packages will only update the Git binary. It is a painless upgrade.

If you are running GitLab on a manual installation, you can manually update the Git client on the server and run the following command: sudo git config --system receive.fsckObjects true

We encourage our users to update their GitLab installations, specially if they allow sign-ups and have public projects.

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