GitLab 7.10.4 released

May 11, 2015

Last week we had to pull our 7.10.2 release as in a small number of installations the migrations would fail because of a uniqueness constraint on tags. We did not release GitLab 7.10.3, as we improved a migration after creating the 7.10.3 version tag and wanted to include that in our patch release.

Today we release GitLab 7.10.4 which solves the issues with the migrations and contains all fixes also present in 7.10.2. If you've already successfully upgraded to 7.10.2, you do not need to update at this time.

The fixes in this patch:

And the following were fixed with 7.10.2, also included here:

Upgrade barometer

There is a migration that loops through all tags. This can take a while for larger installations.

The upgrade can be performed online.

Theoretically, there is a small chance that if a tag is created during the migration of that specific tag, the tag counter gets a value that is slightly higher or lower than its actual value. We do not believe this is reason to schedule downtime and recommend performing the upgrade online.


To update, check out our update page.

Enterprise Edition

Omnibus packages for GitLab Enterprise Edition 7.10.4 are available for subscribers here. For installations from source, use this guide.

Interested in GitLab Enterprise Edition? For an overview of feature exclusive to GitLab Enterprise Edition please have a look at the features exclusive to GitLab EE.

Access to GitLab Enterprise Edition is included with a subscription. No time to upgrade GitLab yourself? A subscription also entitles to our upgrade and installation services.

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