GitLab 8.7 Release Webcast Recording and Slides

May 2, 2016

GitLab 8.7 improves Issues, makes diffs easier to work with, brings better commenting, allows you to push to remote repositories, and more. In our latest webcast, we looked at the highlights from this release.

Our Backend Lead, Douwe Maan, gave us a live demo of the latest features in GitLab 8.7. He walked us through a common user scenario to demostrate how these new features will benefit our users.

Some of those benefits include:

Webcast Recording

Webcast Slides

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We will be presenting on Advanced GitLab Workflow. Last March, we presented an introduction to GitLab workflow. Now, we want to follow up with the 201 version of GitLab workflow. In case you missed the intro you can watch the recorded webcast on our YouTube channel.

Can't make it? Register anyway, and we'll send you a link to watch it later.

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