Feb 16, 2017 - GitLab

GitLab's Functional Group Updates

The Functional Groups at GitLab give an update on what they've been working on

Functional Group updates

Every day from Monday to Thursday, right before our GitLab team call, a different Functional Group gives an update to our team. The format of these calls is simple and short where they can either give a presentation or quickly walk the team through their agenda.


All of the updates are recorded using Zoom at the time of the call. All the recordings will be uploaded to our Youtube account and made public, with the exception of the Sales and Finance updates.

Below are the recordings of the updates of the last 3 weeks. We aim to post a blog every week with the latest updates but might combine them.

Discussion team

Product team

PeopleOps team

Infrastructure team

UX team

Marketing team

CI team

Build team

Support team

Interested in helping out one of our many Functional Groups? How about joining one of these teams! Check out our job openings and apply right now!

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