Story time: The background to GitLab's product vision

Oct 9, 2018 · less than 1 minute · Leave a comment
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Gather round, friends, it's story time. We recently got together in Cape Town for our company summit, where, in between bonding and enjoying the local sights, we spent some time reflecting.

Head of Product Mark Pundsack shared some of the GitLab journey: from our roots as an "ugly, open source knock-off of GitHub" to integrating CI/CD, building out our version control capabilities, delivering a much improved user experience and design, all the way to Concurrent DevOps.

There's also a glimpse of where we're heading – for more details you can check out our post on GitLab's product vision for 2019 and beyond. Now get comfy, it's time for the back story:

You can also watch the entire keynote from our opening day of the summit. We're always happy to hear your thoughts, so feel free to tweet us @gitlab.

“Story time: The background to @gitlab's product vision” – GitLab

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