A GitLab user’s guide to GitHub’s new features

May 23, 2019 · 1 min read · Leave a comment
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Today at GitHub’s Satellite developer conference, GitHub announced a number of new features. If you are a GitLab user, here is a quick cheat sheet of what GitHub announced today and how that relates to GitLab features that already exist or are on the public GitLab direction page.

What GitHub announced on May 23, 2019 Similar & related GitLab features
Enhanced security vulnerability alerts Group Security Dashboard
Project Security Dashboard
Container Scanning
Automated MRs for dependency vulnerabilities
(Dependabot acquisition)
Vulnerability Remediation Merge Request
Dependency Insights Dependency List (planned for 12.0)
Token Scanning Secrets Detection
Maintainer Security Advisories Confidential Issues
Private MRs (planned)
Vulnerabilities as First Class Elements (in planning – please contribute!)
Security Policy Good idea!
Enterprise Accounts Group Level Management
New Roles & Permissions Permissions
Team Synchronization LDAP Group Sync
Internal Repositories Internal Projects
Organization Insights Contribution Analytics
Cycle Analytics
Audit Log API Audit Events
Git Data Encryption at Rest Yes, for GitLab.com
Draft Pull Requests Drafts for Merge Requests
Statuses Set Status

Finally, as GitLab is an open source project itself, and we are contributors to many other open source projects hosted on GitHub, we are excited to see that GitHub is looking for ways to make open source projects more secure and better funded, through GitHub Sponsors and the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund. Nice job, GitHub!

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