Meet GitLab Duo, the suite of AI capabilities powering your workflows

Jun 22, 2023 · 2 min read
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Have you ever wanted a real-time partner alongside you to help as you develop code, improve operations, and secure your software? GitLab Duo, available now, is a powerful set of AI capabilities within GitLab’s DevSecOps Platform that does just that – suggesting code, explaining vulnerabilities, forecasting value streams, and much more.

The name GitLab Duo is rooted in You + GitLab AI = the AI dynamic duo. GitLab Duo goes beyond just being an AI pair programmer: It is an expanding toolbox of features integrated into the DevSecOps Platform to help teams across the entire software development environment become more efficient. GitLab Duo is your go-to for planning refinement, security risk resolution, CI/CD pipeline health, and analytics charting. 

GitLab Duo is a customer-centric approach focused on privacy first, where customers know their intellectual property is secured.

GitLab Duo capabilities

GitLab Duo includes:

Throughout the year, all the GitLab Duo capabilities will become available via GitLab Duo Chat. As humans, we gravitate towards conversational chat, which is why we expect GitLab Duo Chat to become a de facto choice for how users interact with GitLab AI capabilities. We will be adding new capabilities to GitLab Duo, including assisting users with generating planning descriptions, using natural language for CI configuration and chart generation, refactoring vulnerabilities from code, suggesting a fix for failed tests, helping resolve CI/CD pipeline failures, summarizing vulnerability reports, and assisting with merge request reviews.

At GitLab, we believe everyone can contribute. By bringing GitLab Duo capabilities to every persona who uses GitLab, everyone can benefit from AI-powered workflows and organizations can ship secure software faster.

The impact of GitLab Duo on workflow efficiency

Our goal is to help you achieve a 10x improvement in workflow efficiency by tapping into all of the DevSecOps Platform’s AI capabilities. With GitLab 16, business leaders get an enterprise-grade solution that delivers greater efficiency by reducing tool sprawl and gives teams greater visibility into their workflows.

To learn more about the exciting features and capabilities of GitLab Duo, watch the replay of our GitLab 16 event.

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to experience a new era of AI-powered DevSecOps workflows with GitLab Duo.

“Get to know Duo, our powerful suite of AI-powered capabilities designed to help DevSecOps team.” – David DeSanto

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