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Jan 5, 2017

Prometheus and GitLab

Completing the application lifecycle with monitoring Read on

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How to prepare for a virtual interview at GitLab

Jan 3, 2017

Our Global Recruiter shares a few tips on how to get ready for a job interview that's *not* irl.

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How to evaluate GitLab during an EE trial

Dec 9, 2016

Find out if GitLab EE is the right fit for your company by evaluating your free trial with this handy spreadsheet

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Expanding our Enterprise offering: Announcing GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium

Dec 8, 2016

We've added a new enterprise plan, GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium

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GitLab at DOES San Francisco 2016

Dec 6, 2016

We're the new kids on the block in the Git space. Here are some other things about us you should know, in a segment of DevOpsTV.

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How to explain GitLab to anyone

Nov 30, 2016

How do you explain what GitLab is and how it works to a non-technical person?

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Join our December Issue Bash

Nov 28, 2016

We’re on a mission to blitz GitLab’s open issues and we need your help!

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Customer Story: GitLab adoption growing at CERN

Nov 23, 2016

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is increasingly using GitLab to host software projects and code for configuration management.

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Introducing Review Apps

Nov 22, 2016

Transform your development flow with temporary review apps

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Customer Story: Data startup Cognitive Logic talks migrating to GitLab

Nov 22, 2016

Data analytics startup Cognitive Logic helps companies store, share, and examine consumer information without compromising security.

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When software eats software, plus our recap from Web Summit 2016

Nov 17, 2016

Our CEO explains how GitLab's integrated experience is changing the way software is developed.

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Track your time in the same tool you do your work

Nov 3, 2016

Announcing Time Tracking in GitLab

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GitLab UX update

Oct 19, 2016

Inside GitLab: Sneak peek of what the UX Team is working on

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Why we chose GitLab CI for our CI/CD solution

Oct 17, 2016

Find out why we choose GitLab CI and what we've found through our experience using it.

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GitLab reinstates list of servers that have malware

Oct 15, 2016

GitLab reinstates list of servers that have malware

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YC application office hours

Oct 3, 2016

The 25 YC application questions discussed with GitLab's CEO

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