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May 3, 2015

Unofficial runner becomes official one

This blog post about he alternative CI runner written in Go that can be easily run on any server with support for all latest technologies, including Docker. Read on

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GitLab on Debian 8

May 1, 2015

From now on, GitLab Omnibus packages for Debian 8 will be available with every release. Learn more here!

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Bitbucket vs.

Apr 15, 2015

Considering a move from Bitbucket to GitLab? We've compiled a list of our advantages for you to view.

Post Image storage limit raised to 10GB per repo

Apr 8, 2015

GitLab celebrate permanently raising our storage limit per repository on from 5GB to an impressive 10GB.

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Farewell Google Code. Hello

Mar 12, 2015

Today GitLab examines Google's announcement that its Google Code project hosting service will be closing in about 10 months.

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GitLab AMI

Mar 11, 2015

We're happy to announce that GitLab now has Amazon Web Services Machines Images (AMIs) available for GitLab CE.

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GitLab is part of the Y Combinator family

Mar 4, 2015

Y Combinator is a Silicon Valley based seed fund that provides mentorship, advice and connections to a meticulously selected group of startups

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GitLab acquires Gitorious to bolster its on premises code collaboration platform

Mar 3, 2015

GitLab and Gitorious announce today they are joining forces to strengthen the development of GitLab’s open source Git management application.

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GitLab Annex solves the problem of versioning large binaries with git

Feb 17, 2015

GitLab solves the biggest limitation of git compared to some older centralized version control systems has been the maximum size of the repositories.

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Stop waiting for your tests by making them 3x faster

Sytse Sijbrandij
Jan 29, 2015

Are you working on a serious software project? Run only directly related unit tests locally while your CI server takes care of the rest 3x faster than you could

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Responding to Ghost

Jacob Vosmaer
Jan 28, 2015

A response from GitLab to the announcem,ent of the glibc vulnerability 2015, this had liitle impacty on GitLab, but latest OS updates are recomended.

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GitLab Community Forum

Achilleas Pipinellis
Jan 12, 2015

View the GitLab forum. More and more people interact within the community as GitLab grows, new contributors appear every day. Learn more here!

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The hardware that powers 100,000 git repositories

Job van der Voort
Jan 3, 2015

Want to host your public and private repositories somewhere for free? You can on Learn more here!

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GitLab got bit: MySQL fails at Rails migrations that work in PostgreSQL

Job van der Voort
Dec 30, 2014

One day after releasing GitLab 7.6 we had to release a patch. This is how we got bit by a failing migration and why it was our own fault.

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GitLab not affected by Git vulnerability CVE-2014-9390

Patricio Cano
Dec 19, 2014, GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are not directly affected by Git vulnerability CVE-2014-9390.

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3 reasons why GitLab is not vulnerable to the Gollum vulnerability and 1 tip

Job van der Voort
Dec 9, 2014

3 reasons why GitLab is not vulnerable to the Gollum vulnerability and 1 tip

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