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Sep 4, 2019

Not all remote is created equal

How GitLab's all-remote culture is allowing me to travel the world for four months. Read on

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How we double the GitLab summit every year

Sep 2, 2019

Take a deep dive into the evolution of our summit, GitLab Contribute, keeping pace with a company that practically doubles in size annually.

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Why we believe all-remote is for everyone

Aug 15, 2019

Darren Murph, leading GitLab's all-remote initiatives, shares why the future of work can be embraced today.

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5 Things to keep in mind while working remotely with kids

Aug 8, 2019

A flex schedule, realistic expectations, and a positive attitude will make it easier to work with kids around.

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5 Tips for mastering video calls

Aug 5, 2019

All-remote work wouldn't be possible without communication tools like video conferencing. Here are a few tips we use at GitLab.

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GitLab 101 – a primer for the non-technical

Aug 2, 2019

If a set-in-her-ways English major can conquer the GitLab product and culture, you can too. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to make your home a space that works with kids

Aug 1, 2019

Here's our best advice on making your home/work space work for you and your kids.

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How being all-remote helps us practice our values at GitLab

Jul 31, 2019

GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij and Mark Frein of InVision talk about why all-remote is the future, and moving beyond 'But how do you know they're working?'

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How I balance a baby, a career at GitLab, and cultural expectations of motherhood

Jul 25, 2019

One team member shares her experience as a new working mother at GitLab.

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Parental/maternity leave around the world – how does your country stack up?

Jul 18, 2019

A new mother at GitLab takes a look at how different countries approach time off for new parents.

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How to live your best remote life

GitLab team members offer their best advice on working from home (and it might surprise you).

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5 Things you might hear when meeting with GitLab's CEO

Jun 28, 2019

After two weeks shadowing our CEO, I can share the hottest topics on his mind right now.

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How I work from anywhere (with good internet)

Sarah Daily and Betsy Church
Jun 25, 2019

Sarah Daily, digital marketing programs manager and remote work advocate, shares how all-remote work at GitLab has enabled her life on the road.

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A day in the life of the "average" remote worker

Sara Kassabian and Charlie Ablett
Jun 18, 2019

Go on, you know you're curious! Explore a day in the life of GitLab team members from around the world.

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What we learned at Contribute 2019

Valerie Silverthorne and Sara Kassabian
Jun 4, 2019

Community is everything, all remote makes contribution possible, CMO Todd Barr plays a mean trumpet, and more takeaways from Contribute 2019.

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How we turned a dull weekly all-hands into a podcast

Jun 3, 2019

We love asynchronous communication so much that we turned a uninspiring department-wide meeting into an engaging podcast – here's why and how.

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