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Kwan Lee
Sep 15, 2017

How to become the best distributed software development team? My interview with GitLab's CEO

FineTune CTO Kwan Lee sits down for a 'pick your brain' meeting with GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij. Read on

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Pick Your Brain interview: FormAssembly CEO Cedric Savarese

Ashley McAlpin
Aug 11, 2017

GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij and FormAssembly CEO Cedric Savarese met online to talk remote culture, hiring and scaling.

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Why your code review process is broken, and how to fix it

Jul 25, 2017

What do you do when you follow your code review process, and you’re still rudely greeted by code full of bugs, or a flood of user complaints?

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How to shorten the conversation cycle

Jun 19, 2017

Four simple steps to move faster from idea to production.

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On-Calliday: A guide to unsucking your on-call experience

Jun 14, 2017

Being on-call can be rough because you're likely losing sleep, which can impact your personal and professional life. Here are some tips on how to make on-call shifts less painful for your team and company.

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3 Ways to foster collaboration

Jun 12, 2017

Want to know how we encourage everyone to contribute?

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Workflow tips to ship faster without sacrificing security or quality

Jun 5, 2017

We partnered up with HackerOne to explain how to ship faster with a security-first development mindset. Watch the recording and check out the slides here.

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9 Attributes of successful development teams

May 23, 2017

What makes a good development team? Here's what we think.

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Inside GitLab’s code review flow

May 2, 2017

We keep a quality-conscious mindset throughout the development process, sharing the responsibility among everyone instead of seeing review as an obstacle at the end.

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3 Rules for tackling thousands of open issues

Apr 10, 2017

Keep your DevOps teams focused and productive with these three simple rules.

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Demo: Mastering code review with GitLab

Mar 17, 2017

Code review shouldn't be a burden, it should make your team better and faster so you can keep delivering new features on time.

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GitLab & Buffer CEOs talk transparency at scale

Mar 14, 2017

The two transparency advocates recently met to talk about openness in business, what they keep confidential, and some things they've learned as their companies grow.

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3 Tips for introducing continuous workflows to your development process

Mar 6, 2017

Continuous doesn’t stop at integration – here's how to use it to your advantage throughout your development process.

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Set expectations, manage better

Jan 3, 2017

Creating overhead with meetings and reviews is a risk to the efficiency and remote culture of organisations and should be actively avoided for an organisation to succeed remote at scale.

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How to keep remote (volunteer) teams engaged

Dec 21, 2016

Our Director of Strategic Partnerships chats about remote engagement challenges at a charity that encourages kids to get interested in space, finding interesting parallels with open source projects.

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How we stay connected as a remote company

Dec 5, 2016

Open communication and strong relationships are key to our company culture – here's how we achieve these remotely

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