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Jan 11, 2016

Open Source Stewardship

We've recently detailed our policy and commitment to open source. We need to think in the interests of the project, while tending to the realities of running a business to support it. Read on

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Our Y Combinator experience

Jan 6, 2016

This time last year, from January until March 2015, GitLab participated in the winter 2015 batch of Y Combinator.

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Why we shift objectives and not release dates at GitLab

Dec 7, 2015

At GitLab we believe you shouldn’t wait for something to be perfect: Release what you have and do it on a schedule.

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SumIt All Up

Emily Kyle
Nov 30, 2015

Welcome to the GitLab 2015 Summit in Amsterdam.

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Remote Agile at GitLab

Sep 14, 2015

This is a start in describing the workflow that we've established over the past year at GitLab.

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Almost Everything We Do Will Be Open

Aug 3, 2015

We're announcing a move from doing the majority of our development work internally, to almost exclusively working in public issue trackers on

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Release Manager - The invisible hero

Jun 25, 2015

In GitLab we have one invisible hero every month, when we have our release on the 22nd of every month which we have never missed!

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Highlights to my first remote job

Jun 17, 2015

I started working with GitLab 2 months ago and it has been quite an interesting experience to work remotely with a team that's spread out in the world.

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The Remote Manifesto

Apr 8, 2015

View the GitLab remote working manifesto and the multitude of life-balance benefits it allows our employees to enjoy. Learn more here!

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How to turn screw-ups to your advantage

Marc Radulescu
Jan 23, 2015

In this post, we look at two instances where we at GitLab dropped the ball, and how we used these errors to learn and improve. Learn more here!

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Pragmatic Redesign for GitLab

Dmitriy, Job
Jan 16, 2015

In this post, we'll show you why we're changingthe the GitLab 7.7 user interface, how we did it and what the end result is.

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Writing the GitLab book: part 1

Jeroen van Baarsen
Jan 5, 2015

Join me in this series of blog articles which explore the process of me writing a book about GitLab.

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My first months at GitLab B.V.

Patricio Cano
Dec 18, 2014

I would like to share with you how I got here and how this time has affected my view on a lot of different subjects.

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Happiness at GitLab

Job van der Voort
Oct 9, 2014

People are happy at GitLab. Happy people are more productive.

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How GitLab works remotely

Job van der Voort
Jul 3, 2014

GitLab is a fully remote company, meaning that all of us work 100% of our time from home or any other place in the world.

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