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Dec 17, 2020

How to use GitLab for Agile, CI/CD, GitOps, and more

Read our example engineering stories from the past two years that show how to use GitLab for you DevOps cycle, including GitOps, CI/CD and more. Read on

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How to deploy to AWS with GitLab

Orit Golowinski
Dec 15, 2020

We believe deploying to the cloud should be easy and boring. The deployment process is the same regardless of what tech stack you're using so why not automate it?

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How to use merge train pipelines with GitLab

Dec 14, 2020

Read here an introduction on what merge trains are, how to use them and how to incorporate them to your GitLab project.

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The basics of CI: How to run jobs sequentially, in parallel, or out of order

Dec 10, 2020

New to continuous integration? Learn how to build your first CI pipeline with GitLab.

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How to fuzz Rust code continuously

Dec 3, 2020

Learn why you should always fuzz test your Rust code, and the code you'll need to do it.

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VS Code extension development with GitLab

Nov 30, 2020

As VS Code editor increases in popularity, find out how GitLab + VS Code can be used for extension development and how we develop the official GitLab VS Code extension.

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How to keep your Git history clean with interactive rebase

Tobias Günther
Nov 23, 2020

Interactive rebase is one of Git’s most versatile tools. Here's how to use it to correct commit messages, fix mistakes, and more.

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How to make Docker Hub rate limit monitoring a breeze

Nov 18, 2020

Docker Hub Rate Limits are enforced and we need to find ways to monitor the remaining pull requests. Explore some ways to create a monitoring plugin for Nagios/Icinga/Sensu/Zabbix and test-drive a new Prometheus exporter in combination with Grafana.

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How to use GitLab for Agile portfolio planning and project management

Julie Byrne and Victor Hernandez
Nov 11, 2020

GitLab provides features that are flexible enough to be used for scaled Agile portfolio planning and project management, regardless of the framework you choose.

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Lessons in iteration from a new team in infrastructure

Nov 9, 2020

A new, small team at GitLab discovered that minimum viable change applies to scaling problems too.

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How we optimized infrastructure spend at GitLab

Oct 27, 2020

We keep our cloud spend under control with a spend optimization framework – now we're sharing it with you.

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Get the most out of the Checkmarx integration with GitLab

Oct 12, 2020

Make it easier for developers to find bugs and for dev and sec to get along. Here’s what you need to know about the GitLab/Checkmarx integration.

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How to use GitLab's Incident Management with AWS CloudWatch

Oct 8, 2020

It's a straightforward process to set up GitLab Incident Management to work with AWS CloudWatch alarms. Here's what you need to know to get started.

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Understand the new GitLab Agent for Kubernetes

Sep 22, 2020

Just released in 13.4, our brand new Kubernetes Agent provides a secure and K8s–friendly approach to integrating GitLab with your clusters.

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What we learned after a year of on Kubernetes

John Jarvis
Sep 16, 2020

It's been one year since we moved to Kubernetes. We unpack the challenges and learnings from this major migration.

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How we upgraded PostgreSQL at

Jose Finotto
Sep 11, 2020

We explain the precise maintenance process to execute a major version upgrade of PostgreSQL.

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