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May 2, 2018

How we used GitLab CI to build GitLab faster

Here's how we went from a daily manual merge of GitLab Core into GitLab Enterprise to automated merges every three hours. Read on

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Getting started with GitLab CI/CD and Google Cloud Platform

Apr 24, 2018

Discover how easy it is to set up CI/CD and Kubernetes deployment with our integration with Google Kubernetes Engine.

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5 things I wish I'd known about Kubernetes before I started

Apr 16, 2018

Looking to dive into Kubernetes? Here’s some advice on how to get started from a GitLab engineer.

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How to set up advanced monitoring for your GitLab environment with and the ELK stack

Daniel Berman
Apr 13, 2018

ELK, together with GitLab’s logging framework, gives organizations a comprehensive view for monitoring, troubleshooting, and analyzing team activity.

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Polishing GitLab’s UI: A new color system

Mar 29, 2018

Senior UX Designer Pedro Moreira da Silva takes us on a deep dive into how the UX team improved the GitLab UI’s color palette.

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How the GitLab UX team uses epics

Mar 19, 2018

UX Manager Sarrah Vesselov shares how the UX team is using epics to manage their workflow.

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How our production team runs the weekly on-call handover

Mar 14, 2018

Senior Production Engineer John Jarvis explains our handover process for on-call incidents in a fully remote and distributed team.

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How to use GitLab for Agile software development

Mar 5, 2018

How Agile artifacts map to GitLab features and how an Agile iteration looks in GitLab.

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A VS Code extension for GitLab: GitLab Workflow

Mar 1, 2018

Senior Frontend Engineer Fatih Acet created a VS Code extension, GitLab Workflow, which allows you to do many GitLab-specific tasks quickly and easily.

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Setting up GitLab CI/CD for Android projects

Stojan Anastasov
Feb 14, 2018

Guest author Stojan Anastasov shares how he switched from Jenkins and Fabric to GitLab CI/CD.

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How eslint-plugin-vue improved our code reviews

Feb 13, 2018

A few months ago we felt the need to build a style guide for Vue and now are using eslint-vue-plugin, which is saving us time in our code reviews.

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Automate your localization with GitLab + Crowdin

Khrystyna Humenna
Feb 6, 2018

Complete your development workflow by integrating GitLab with Crowdin to help your product speak the same language as the people it’s built for.

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Test all the things in GitLab CI with Docker by example

Gabriel Le Breton
Feb 5, 2018

Running tests is easier than you think – guest author Gabriel Le Breton shares his presentation about testing everything automatically with GitLab CI/CD.

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How a fix in Go 1.9 sped up our Gitaly service by 30x

Jan 23, 2018

After noticing a worrying pattern in Gitaly's performance, we uncovered an issue with fork locking affecting virtual memory size. Here's how we figured out the problem and how to fix it.

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A beginner's guide to continuous integration

Riccardo Padovani
Jan 22, 2018

Here's how to help everyone on your team, like designers and testers, get started with GitLab CI.

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Demo: How to use Merge Request Commit Discussions

Jan 4, 2018

You can now hold discussions on specific commits within a merge request – check out how it works in this video.

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