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Dec 6, 2018

GitLab Runner update required to use SAST in Auto DevOps

Make sure you upgrade GitLab Runner to 11.5+ to coninue using SAST in Auto DevOps. Read on

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Introducing Patroni as the Postgres Failover Manager on is introducing Patroni as the Postgres Failover Manager on

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It's raining repos: The microservices repo explosion, and what we're doing about it

Nov 26, 2018

Microservices have spawned an explosion of dependent projects with multiple repos, creating the need for an integrated solution – we're working on it right now.

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GitLab 11.5 to support Elasticsearch 6, sunset support for Elasticsearch 5.5

Nov 16, 2018

GitLab 11.5 will support Elasticsearch version 6 and 5.6, sunsetting support for versions 5.5 and earlier.

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How we spent two weeks hunting an NFS bug in the Linux kernel

Nov 14, 2018

Here's an in-depth recap of debugging a GitLab issue that culminated in a patch for the Linux kernel.

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How to streamline interactions between multiple repositories with multi-project pipelines

Oct 31, 2018

You can connect CI/CD pipelines and artifacts for multiple related projects to make managing interactions easy.

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Setting up GitLab CI for Android projects

Oct 24, 2018

Learn how to set up GitLab CI to ensure your Android app compiles and passes tests.

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How we use personas to build empathy for different types of users

Oct 12, 2018

Welcome to our series on the new GitLab personas!

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10 strategies for cycle time reduction

Oct 12, 2018

Engineering leads share strategies on how to speed up cycle times.

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What's up with Check out the latest data on its stability

Oct 11, 2018

Let's take a look at the data on the stability of from before and after our recent migration from Azure to GCP, and dive into why things are looking up.

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New Meltano personas, priorities, and updates from the team

Oct 8, 2018

There's a lot going on — here are some of the highlights on user research, dogfooding Meltano, embedding engineers, and hiring!

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How to work on two Git branches at the same time

Oct 3, 2018

Watch the demo on how using the GitLab Web IDE and your local dev environment to work on two branches at once can help save time.

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Why Prometheus is for everyone

Sep 27, 2018

You think you don't need Prometheus – I'm here to tell you why you're wrong. Learn why GitLab uses Prometheus, and why your organization should be using it too!

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How we built GitLab Geo

Sep 14, 2018

Take a deep dive into the many architectural decisions we made while building GitLab Geo.

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How can teams secure applications at DevOps speed? Security Dashboards are here to help.

Sep 14, 2018

GitLab Security Dashboards enable security professionals to view vulnerabilities across a project. Here’s an inside look.

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The road to Gitaly v1.0 (aka, why GitLab doesn't require NFS for storing Git data anymore)

Sep 12, 2018

How we went from vertical to horizontal scaling without depending on NFS by creating our own Git RPC service.

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