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Apr 25, 2017

Demo - Mapping work versus time, with burndown charts

Our Frontend Lead Jacob Schatz explains how managers and ICs can benefit from our burndown chart feature, released in GitLab 9.1. Read on

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Demo: cloud native development with GitLab

Apr 18, 2017

See how you can leverage the power of the cloud with GitLab 9.0.

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Demo: CI/CD with GitLab in action

Mar 13, 2017

Watch our video to see how to get started using CI/CD with GitLab.

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Why we are not leaving the cloud

Sean Packham
Mar 2, 2017

What we learned from our community vetting our proposal to leave the cloud.

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How our UX team worked through ideation using the Four-Step Sketch

Feb 23, 2017

During our recent Summit, the UX team customized the Google Ventures Design Sprint process to tackle some of our larger feature proposals.

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Setting up GitLab Pages with Cloudflare Certificates

Feb 7, 2017

How to set up GitLab Pages with a Cloudflare SSL/TLS Certificate for your (sub)domain

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Our big Frontend plan revealed

Feb 6, 2017

Our long term plan to make GitLab as fast and performant as possible with Vue and webpack.

Post Image database incident

Feb 1, 2017

Yesterday we had a serious incident with one of our databases. We lost six hours of database data (issues, merge requests, users, comments, snippets, etc.) for

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Getting started with Git LFS

Tobias Günther
Jan 30, 2017

Managing large files efficiently with Git LFS

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Designing for the modern developer

Jan 24, 2017

Recap and recording from our recent webcast featuring the GitLab user experience (UX) team

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Video tutorial: Idea to Production on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Jan 23, 2017

Watch the complete video tutorial to find out how you can take your team's productivity to the next level.

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Why we use personas in product development

Jan 9, 2017

Our User Experience (UX) Researcher explains what personas are and how they change the way teams work

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Behind the scenes: How we built Review Apps

Jan 4, 2017

GitLab's Head of Product shares an inside look at iterating on one of our latest features

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Customer story: A creative agency's GitLab wishlist

Dec 15, 2016

A Lukkien developer shares his team's challenges with Git and GitLab for their UX designs, and requests a few tweaks they'd find useful.

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Continuous delivery of a Spring Boot application with GitLab CI and Kubernetes

Marco Lenzo
Dec 14, 2016

Create a Continuous Delivery pipeline to deploy a Spring Boot app with GitLab CI and Kubernetes to Google Cloud Container Engine

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Proposed server purchase for

Dec 11, 2016

What hardware we're considering purchasing now that we have to move to metal.

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