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Jul 10, 2019

Why we built a UX Research Insights repository

One of the biggest challenges faced by UX researchers is organizing and storing user research effectively, so that anyone can find and use insights. Read on

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What we're doing to fix Gitaly NFS performance regressions

James Ramsay and Zeger-Jan van de Weg
Jul 8, 2019

How we're improving our Git IO patterns to fix performance regressions when running Gitaly on NFS.

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How we turn our group conversations into a podcast with GitLab CI/CD

Jul 3, 2019

Want to listen to meetings on the go? Senior SRE John Jarvis explains how he turned his favorite remote meetings at GitLab into podcast format.

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How to use GitLab and Ansible to create infrastructure as code

Sara Kassabian and Brad Downey
Jul 1, 2019

Explore the power of GitLab CI as we demo Ansible playbooks in infrastructure as code.

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Looking back on the 11.x releases for GitLab CI/CD

Jun 19, 2019

With GitLab 12.0 coming soon, it's a great time to reflect on all the features we've launched since 11.0.

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How we migrated to CommonMark

Jun 13, 2019

A senior backend engineer shares how (and why) we migrated our Markdown processing from RedCarpet to CommonMark.

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How IT automation impacts developer productivity

May 30, 2019

See how IT automation promotes a healthier IT culture and unlocks next-level DevOps.

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The road to Rails 5

May 28, 2019

Senior Backend Engineer Jan Provaznik shares some of the challenges we encountered when upgrading GitLab to Rails 5 – and how we overcame them.

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5 Teams that made the switch to GitLab CI/CD

Apr 25, 2019

See what happened when these five teams moved on from old continuous integration and delivery solutions and switched to GitLab CI/CD.

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Progressive Delivery: How to get started with Review Apps

Apr 19, 2019

Progressive Delivery is the next evolution of continuous delivery, and Review Apps are a key enabler.

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How we delivered more performant and robust task lists in GitLab

Brett Walker, Fatih Acet
Apr 5, 2019

How simple checkboxes became a challenging engineering problem – and how we fixed it.

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7 Best practices for application modernization

Mar 27, 2019

Use these best practices to avoid common pitfalls on the application modernization journey.

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How to connect GitLab and Pantheon to streamline Drupal and WordPress workflows

Andrew Taylor
Mar 26, 2019

Our guest author, a Developer Programs Engineer at Pantheon, shares how to automate WordPress deployments using GitLab CI/CD.

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Lessons from our journey to enable global code search with Elasticsearch on

Mar 20, 2019

Read about some of the dead ends we've encountered on the way to enabling global code search on, and how we're working on a way forward.

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Examples of legacy modernisation projects

Mar 14, 2019

Discover how four teams committed to the application modernization process.

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How we use GitLab to automate our monthly retrospectives

Mar 7, 2019

How one engineering team is using GitLab CI to automate asynchronous retrospectives, making collaboration across four continents a breeze.

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