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Sep 27, 2021

How to configure Sidekiq for specialized or large-scale GitLab instances

This tutorial unpacks how to configure Sidekiq that suits your GitLab deployment. Read on

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How to incorporate private customer needs into a public product roadmap

We've had lots of experience documenting and tracking private customer feature requests effectively. Here's our best advice and how to get the most out of GitLab issues and issue trackers.

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How to use Terratag to automatically manage tags and labels for your Terraform Code

Itzik Gan-Baruch, Omry Hay
Sep 14, 2021

This blog addresses how you can do that easily and automatically when using Terraform and Terratag (an open source project by env0) on top of the Gitlab CI/CD platform.

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What we learned about configuring Sidekiq from

Sep 2, 2021

Sidekiq is a key part of GitLab, and usually works well out-of-the-box, but sometimes it needs more attention at scale.

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It's time to update Docker Engine

Aug 26, 2021

Now that Alpine Linux 3.14 is being used by more images, it's time to upgrade Docker Engine to 20.10.6 or newer.

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Write a stageless CI/CD pipeline using GitLab 14.2

Aug 24, 2021

With GitLab 14.2, you can write a complete CI/CD pipeline without defining any stages.

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How a new integration helps GitLab customers secure their code

Christian Simko
Aug 20, 2021

GitLab Ultimate customers can use CodeSonar from GrammaTech for SAST and to bake protection into every stage of software development.

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How to provision 100 AWS Graviton GitLab Spot Runners in 10 Minutes for $2/hour

Utilizing the GitLab HA Scaling Runner Vending Machine for AWS Automation to setup 100 GitLab runners on AWS Spot.

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How I use analogy to design for highly technical spaces

Aug 13, 2021

Just how much does a designer need to know about a technical space or product to design for it?

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How to use a push-based approach for GitOps with Terraform and AWS ECS and EC2

Aug 10, 2021

Learn how GitLab supports agentless approach for GitOps on AWS.

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23% Cost savings and 36% performance gain by deploying GitLab on Arm-based AWS Graviton2

Pranay Bakre
Aug 5, 2021

GitLab and GitLab Runner Performance Gains on Arm based AWS Graviton2

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How UBS created their own DevOps platform using GitLab

Aug 4, 2021

How GitLab helped power more than a million builds in six months on UBS DevCloud.

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How to secure your container images with GitLab and Grype

Dan Luhring
Jul 28, 2021

Learn how to start detecting vulnerabilities in your container images in just a few steps.

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How to use a push-based approach for GitOps with GitLab scripting and variables

Jul 23, 2021

Learn how GitLab supports agentless approach for GitOps with scripting and variables.

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How teams can use the Gitpod integration in GitLab to speed up their development process

Learn about Gitpod as cloud development environment, and how its integration into Gitpod helps teams to get more efficient in their DevOps lifecycle.

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GitOps viewed as part of the Ops evolution

Jul 12, 2021

Examine the evolution that led to GitOps

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