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Feb 5, 2021

How to use GitLab CI to deploy to multiple environments

We walk you through different scenarios to demonstrate the versatility and power of GitLab CI. Read on

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How we automatically fixed thousands of Ruby 2.7 deprecation warnings

Feb 3, 2021

The upgrade to Ruby 2.7 for GitLab involved thousands of deprecation warnings across hundreds of files. Here's how we fixed most of them.

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We need to talk: Can we standardize NO_PROXY?

Jan 27, 2021

Subtle differences in proxy setting implementations led to surprising problems for a GitLab customer. Here's how we got to the root of it.

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How to do GitLab merge request reviews in VS Code

Jan 25, 2021

Code review is critical to modern software development. We're making it easier by bringing merge request reviews right into VS Code.

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Meet Praefect: The traffic manager making your Git data highly available

Jan 21, 2021

This router and transaction manager ensures there are multiple copies of each Git repository available in the event of an outage – no NFS required.

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How we used parallel CI/CD jobs to increase our productivity

Jan 20, 2021

GitLab uses parallel jobs to help long-running jobs run faster.

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This SRE attempted to roll out an HAProxy config change. You won't believe what happened next...

Jan 14, 2021

This post is about a wild discovery made while investigating strange behavior from HAProxy. We dive into the pathology, describe how we found it, and share some investigative techniques used along the way.

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GitLab tutorials for secure pipelines, Kubernetes, and more at Learn@GitLab

Jan 12, 2021

Learn@GitLab offers videos and self-driven demos so you can get the most out of GitLab at your own pace.

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These are your favorite GitLab engineering stories

Jan 7, 2021

From building a Web IDE, to our migration to GCP, to tracking down a bug in NFS – these are some of our most popular engineering blog posts.

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How we prevented security fixes leaking into our public repositories

Jan 4, 2021

Working in the open makes it difficult to work on security vulnerabilities before they're disclosed, especially when that openness discloses them early!

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How to use GitLab for Agile, CI/CD, GitOps, and more

Dec 17, 2020

Read our example engineering stories from the past two years that show how to use GitLab for you DevOps cycle, including GitOps, CI/CD and more.

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How to use GitLab tools for continuous delivery

Dec 17, 2020

Learn how to use GitLab technology to release software faster and with less risk.

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How to deploy to AWS with GitLab

Orit Golowinski
Dec 15, 2020

We believe deploying to the cloud should be easy and boring. The deployment process is the same regardless of what tech stack you're using so why not automate it?

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How to use merge train pipelines with GitLab

Dec 14, 2020

Read here an introduction on what merge trains are, how to use them and how to incorporate them to your GitLab project.

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The basics of CI: How to run jobs sequentially, in parallel, or out of order

Dec 10, 2020

New to continuous integration? Learn how to build your first CI pipeline with GitLab.

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How to fuzz Rust code continuously

Dec 3, 2020

Learn why you should always fuzz test your Rust code, and the code you'll need to do it.

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