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Nov 5, 2019

How adSoul transitioned to GitLab CI from Jenkins

adSoul, a marketing automation company, outlines a successful three-phase migration plan for moving to GitLab CI from Jenkins. Read on

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Reviewer Roulette: (Just about) one year on

Oct 23, 2019

Learn how Reviewer Roulette has evolved at GitLab over the last year.

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Store and update namespace statistics in a performant manner

Oct 14, 2019

Explore all the different engineering approaches to store and update the namespace statistics in a performant manner.

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GitLab's unconventional journey to CI/CD and Kubernetes

Oct 3, 2019

How the Delivery team at GitLab used our existing resources to overhaul our system to make way for CI/CD.

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Why we chose ECharts for data visualizations

Sep 30, 2019

Learn why GitLab switched from D3.js to ECharts as our library of choice for rendering data visualizations.

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How to build a CI/CD pipeline in 20 minutes or less

Sep 26, 2019

Deploying your pipeline to Kubernetes is just a 'git push' away using GitLab's Auto DevOps feature.

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Why we created a Memory team at GitLab

Sep 13, 2019

GitLab has a memory problem, so we created a specialized team to fix it.

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How to avoid broken master with Pipelines for Merged Results and Merge Trains

Sep 11, 2019

Do you still run pipelines on source branches? Let's start running them on merge commits!

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Getting [meta] with GitLab CI/CD: Building build images

Aug 28, 2019

Let's talk about building build images with GitLab CI/CD. The power of Docker as a build platform is unleashed when you get meta.

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6 Lessons we learned when debugging a scaling problem on

Aug 27, 2019

Get a closer look at how we investigated errors originating from scheduled jobs, and how we stumbled upon "the tyranny of the clock."

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Update: Why we're using a single codebase for GitLab Community and Enterprise editions

Aug 23, 2019

Dive deep into our decision to switch GitLab over to a single codebase as we review some of the benefits and challenges.

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New up and coming GitLab CI/CD Features

Aug 7, 2019

DAG, Multi-project Pipelines, Runner Setup for Kubernetes and more.

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Learn more about Feature Flags: The next step in Progressive Delivery

Aug 6, 2019

How Feature Flags are continuing the next evolution of continuous delivery.

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Quantifying UX: Positioning the clone button

Jul 26, 2019

We wanted to move the clone button on the project overview page. Here's how user testing helped us make the right choices.

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Moving workflows to GitLab: The case of the HIPAA Audit Protocol

Jul 25, 2019

With the GitLab API, you can easily move workflows into GitLab. Here’s how we did it for the HIPAA Audit Protocol.

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How to trigger multiple pipelines using GitLab CI/CD

Jul 24, 2019

Discover how to trigger and visualize pipelines when you set up GitLab CI/CD across multiple projects.

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