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Jun 27, 2017

Why deadlines get missed (and how to fix it)

These are the biggest obstacles preventing developers from getting work done – and how to tackle them. Read on

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Pick Your Brain interview with CEO Sid Sijbrandij

Jun 2, 2017

Brandon Foo, co-founder and CEO of Polymail (YC S16), recently sat down with GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij.

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Why Git is worth the learning curve

May 17, 2017

Although the learning curve can pose a challenge, teams have a real incentive to transition to Git.

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What to look for in a continuous integration tool

May 8, 2017

With so many options out there, here's what you need to weigh up when deciding on a CI/CD tool.

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Why code gets released too early (and how to fix it)

Apr 27, 2017

More than half of developers say they release code prematurely. What can you do about it?

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What to look for in a Git management solution

Apr 20, 2017

You've decided to make the move to Git. Now what?

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How innersourcing can help your security team

Apr 19, 2017

Security is a major concern during the development process — innersourcing can help.

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3 Ways CI/CD helps your team

Apr 12, 2017

CI/CD frees up your team to spend their time on developing features customers want.

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Why collaboration tools matter more than ever

Apr 4, 2017

Nearly two-thirds of developers say that chat and collaboration tools are integral to their everyday work. Here’s why.

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Complete, but never finished/:/ Review Apps

Mar 21, 2017

Find out how we used a continuous approach to release Review Apps early and improve on it in small iterations.

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Invite your engineers to talk business. Here's why.

Mar 7, 2017

Traditionally, engineers may have been shielded from the "business parts" of the organization. In today’s technology landscape, that’s no longer a viable option.

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The secret to developer happiness? Use better tools

Feb 27, 2017

The way developers work has changed, and they’re opting to leave behind outdated tools.

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Continuous integration: A tool developers expect

Feb 22, 2017

77% of developers say Continuous Integration is integral to their everyday work – we break down what that means.

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GitLab and Gravitational discuss Kubernetes

Dec 12, 2016

Is Kubernetes the way forward? We chatted to Ev Kontsevoy, CEO of Gravitational and unofficial Kubernetes cheerleader, to get the lowdown

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Global Developer Survey reveals need for more collaborative workflows

Nov 2, 2016

New survey examines how modern developers prefer to work.

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30 Fundraising Tips from the CEO

Oct 14, 2016

30 fundraising tips from GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij

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