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Job van der Voort
Nov 26, 2014

How GitLab Permissions and Protected Branches Keep Your Code Safe

At GitLab we believe that by preventing force pushes and by stimulating code review practices, mistakes can be easily avoided and code quality will improve. Read on

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Feature highlight: Git Hooks in GitLab Enterprise Edition

Job van der Voort
Aug 25, 2014

Sometimes you need additional control over pushes to your repository. For each project you can have unique Git Hooks.

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GitLab Feature Highlight: Groups

Job van der Voort, Jacob Vosmaer
Jun 30, 2014

GitLab groups allow you to group projects into directories and give users access to several projects at once.

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Issues and Merge Requests in GitLab Screencast

Job van der Voort
Mar 4, 2014

We are excited to show you some of the possibilities in our new screencast.

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