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May 28, 2020

How to make small changes using GitLab’s Web IDE

A quick three minute demo shows how teams can deliver better apps faster using GitLab CI/CD. Read on

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How GitLab CI helps solve common DevSecOps challenges

May 12, 2020

How single application continuous integration helps team automate and collaborate.

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How application performance monitoring metrics helps developers

Dov Hershkovitch and Saumya Upadhyaya
May 7, 2020

Automatically detect and monitor Kubernetes Clusters and deployed applications from the GitLab interface with application performance metrics (APM).

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How to deploy AWS Lambda applications with ease

Apr 29, 2020

Highlights from our serverless webcast with AWS exploring the Serverless Application Model.

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A guide to Git for beginners

Apr 13, 2020

Our senior developer evangelist answers newbie questions about Git.

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Understand incident management with GitLab

Apr 3, 2020

GitLab Incident Management helps your response teams focus on the problem and shorten the mean time to repair rather than waste time on the process itself.

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The role low code app development tools may play at GitLab

Mar 26, 2020

Citizen developers are creating code without being coders. CEO Sid Sijbrandij and senior PMM Parker Ennis explain the impact of low code app development tools on GitLab.

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Why implementing security as code is important for DevSecOps

Mar 12, 2020

We created a DevSecOps assessment to help your company level up its DevSecOps capabilities.

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How Kubernetes merges with multicloud & how to manage it

Feb 5, 2020

Google Cloud's Ian Chakeres and Tim Hockin discuss how Kubernetes reduces cloud noise and makes multicloud possible.

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Securing next generation software

Jan 27, 2020

Scale your security efforts by understanding and integrating with the DevOps workflow.

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Goldman Sachs partners with GitLab for next-gen platform strategies

Jan 24, 2020

Goldman Sachs’ George Grant shares how partnering with GitLab has modernized the development ecosystem.

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Introducing: Resource groups

Jan 21, 2020

How we’re improving deployments by limiting pipeline concurrency.

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CI/CD: The ticket to multicloud

Jan 17, 2020

Read our expert panel from MulticloudCon on how CI/CD and cloud-agnostic DevOps help organizations go multicloud and increase productivity.

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Shifting from on-prem to cloud

Jan 9, 2020

The challenges of being on-prem and what to consider when shifting to public cloud.

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Cloud strategy and adoption roadmap for businesses

Chrissie Buchanan
Dec 5, 2019

Everything you need to know for transforming your business to the cloud and how to plan out the perfect strategy for it.

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Migrating from Jenkins

Nov 26, 2019

Best practices for making the switch to GitLab CI/CD.

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