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Jan 9, 2020

Shifting from on-prem to cloud

The challenges of being on-prem and what to consider when shifting to public cloud. Read on

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Cloud strategy and adoption roadmap for businesses

Chrissie Buchanan
Dec 5, 2019

Everything you need to know for transforming your business to the cloud and how to plan out the perfect strategy for it.

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Migrating from Jenkins

Nov 26, 2019

Best practices for making the switch to GitLab CI/CD.

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A brief guide to multicloud security

Nov 21, 2019

Five challenges and seven best practices to consider for your multicloud strategy.

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Defending the CI/CD pipeline

Nov 19, 2019

Speed to launch often comes at the cost of security – but it doesn’t have to. Here are four ways to achieve both by using a CI/CD pipeline

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GitLab CI/CD is for multi-cloud

Nov 6, 2019

Can cloud providers (and their tools) ever be cloud agnostic? We discuss GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD.

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The DevOps tool landscape

Competitive intelligence manager Mahesh Kumar describes the criteria we use when comparing GitLab to other DevOps tools.

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How to ensure security at the speed of DevOps

Oct 31, 2019

Read here on how to speed up your secure DevOps for faster delivery on your safe and secure applications.

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Securing the journey to continuous delivery

Oct 30, 2019

The UK Dept for Work and Pensions bring security best practices to the forefront of a massive transition to continuous delivery.

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How advanced are your DevSecOps practices?

Oct 21, 2019

Read here what the three levels of DevSecOps practices are and what they include and how to improve your own

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Unlock better DevOps with GitLab CI/CD

Oct 18, 2019

Why a single application helps to eliminate silos and knowledge gaps.

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Auto DevOps 101: How we’re making CI/CD easier

Oct 7, 2019

VP of product strategy Mark Pundsack shares everything you need to know about Auto DevOps.

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The problem with plugins

Chrissie Buchanan
Sep 27, 2019

For all of the customization, plugins sometimes come at a high price.

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Jenkins: One year later

Sep 20, 2019

With new acquisitions and the launch of CloudBees SDM, is Jenkins trying to become another all-in-one?

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GitLab and HashiCorp: Providing application and infrastructure delivery workflows

Anthony Davanzo and Kelly Hair
Sep 17, 2019

Discover how to leverage CI/CD for your infrastructure scripts with Terraform and GitLab.

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5 Security testing principles every developer should know

Vanessa Wegner and Seth Berger
Sep 16, 2019

Developers are looking for guidance and standard practices as they take on more security testing responsibilities.

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