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Jul 31, 2019

Explore the past, present, and future of GitLab's Navigation design

Dive into the history of GitLab's navigation design and learn how GitLab's UX department is making incremental improvements. Read on

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3 Teams left Jenkins: Here’s why

Jul 23, 2019

How three different teams – Alteryx, ANWB, and EAB – shifted away from Jenkins for smoother sailing with GitLab.

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Making the case for "concurrent DevOps"

Jul 17, 2019

DevOps goes by a lot of different names, but we’ve settled on concurrent DevOps for now at least.

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4 Risks to consider when implementing third-party code

Jul 16, 2019

Third-party code is a great resource for businesses, but comes with a number of risks. Explore four ways developers can keep their code secure.

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2019 Global Developer Report: DevSecOps finds security roadblocks divide teams

Jul 15, 2019

Over 4,000 software professionals shared their DevOps experiences, helping us uncover what they require in order to innovate rapidly.

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A quick guide to GitLab CI/CD pipelines

Jul 12, 2019

How GitLab is making a better pipeline with Auto DevOps.

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4 Benefits of CI/CD

Jun 27, 2019

Learn how to implement and measure a successful CI/CD pipeline strategy and help your DevOps team deliver higher quality software, faster!

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The business impact of CI/CD

Chrissie Buchanan and William Chia
Jun 21, 2019

How a good CI/CD strategy generates revenue and keeps developers happy.

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Issue labels can now be scoped!

Jun 20, 2019

A small change with a huge impact: Scoped Labels can help teams customize their workflow and speed up delivery.

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Implementing microservices architectures and deployment strategies

Jun 17, 2019

Want to dump the monolith and get into microservices? Consider these three methods.

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What is an Agile mindset?

Jun 13, 2019

Learn how embracing change can help you speed up software delivery.

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5 Ways to stay agile in a growing organization

Jun 10, 2019

Some of the GitLab Manage team have a conversation about staying agile as a company grows.

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Proximus shares its #movingtoGitLab story

Bert Van Eyck
Jun 7, 2019

Moving to GitLab resulted in an 80 percent drop in support tickets and an increase in developer productivity.

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3 CI/CD challenges to consider

Jun 5, 2019

If these DevOps challenges hit close to home, the right CI/CD could be the answer.

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Monkton's #movingtogitlab story: Going all in on automation and repeatability

Rebecca Dodd and Aricka Flowers
May 21, 2019

Monkton is migrating from a suite of disparate tools to GitLab, enabling them to better help their customers build safe, secure mobile apps.

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A shift left strategy for the cloud

Cindy Blake and Vanessa Wegner
May 3, 2019

Protect your software in the cloud by bringing vulnerability testing closer to remediation.

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