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Feb 24, 2021

How to use GitLab with GKE Autopilot

GitLab works out of the box with the new GKE Autopilot from Google Cloud, a managed variant of the popular Google Kubernetes Engine. Read on

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A new era of Kubernetes integrations on

Feb 22, 2021

The GitLab Agent for Kubernetes enables secure deployments from GitLab SaaS to your Kubernetes cluster and provides deep integrations of your cluster to GitLab.

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Redesigning the GitLab docs

Susan Tacker and Christie Lenneville
Feb 12, 2021

We're working on improving our documentation site usability and discoverability. Check out what's changed and get a sneak peek at the refinements coming to

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GitLab is moving to a three-tier product subscription model

Jan 26, 2021

Bronze/Starter is being phased out and current customers have over a year to transition.

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Automation check-in and rate limit changes on

Dec 17, 2020

GitLab is making some changes to our rate limits on starting in January 2021.

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How machine learning ops works with GitLab and continuous machine learning

Dr. Elle O'Brien
Dec 1, 2020

We share different machine learning use cases for CML projects using GitLab CI.

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Integration management for git projects

Nov 19, 2020

Read here on how GitLab offers the tools for managing integrations for your projects!

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How to keep GitLab Auto DevOps and Managed Apps working after Helm stable repo is removed

Nov 9, 2020

The Helm stable repository will be removed this month. We explain how to keep Auto DevOps and GitLab Managed Apps working.

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The Dependency Proxy is moving to open source

Oct 30, 2020

We're moving the Dependency Proxy to Core to help address Docker Hub rate limiting issues.

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Caching Docker images to reduce the number of calls to Docker Hub from your CI/CD infrastructure

Oct 30, 2020

Docker announced it will be rate-limiting the number of pull requests to the service in its free plan. We share strategies to mitigate the impact of the new pull request limits for users and customers that are managing their own GitLab instance.

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How a GitLab engineer changed the future of DevOps

Oct 29, 2020

When Kamil Trzciński suggested we integrate GitLab version control and GitLab CI one into a single product, GitLab's pioneering DevOps Platform was born.

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How to use HashiCorp Waypoint to deploy with GitLab CI/CD

Oct 15, 2020

Learn how to use Waypoint using GitLab CI/CD by following this step-by-step demo.

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Code review made easier thanks to merge request reviewers in GitLab 13.7

Oct 13, 2020

Code review is a critically important part of the software development, but it can be hard – and time consuming – to arrange. That's where our new merge request reviewers feature comes in. Here's what to look for in our 13.7 release.

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Gitter lands new home in Matrix with Element

Sep 30, 2020

Gitter’s new owner Element will continue to support and invest in the service and user communities.

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How to easily launch GitLab through cloud marketplaces

Vick Kelkar and Miranda Carter
Sep 30, 2020

Bitnami makes publishing GitLab into Azure Marketplace simple.

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GitLab enhances DevOps journey on Linux on IBM Z and Red Hat OpenShift

Sep 17, 2020

GitLab integrates with IBM Linux on Z and RedHat OpenShift to help app developers deploy to more resilient systems.

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