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Jun 10, 2019

When technology outpaces security compliance

Where does today's tech transformation leave tomorrow's security compliance? A senior security analyst tackles the question. Read on

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Ask GitLab Security: Paul Harrison

May 31, 2019

What’s it like working to secure one of the most transparent organizations in the world? Meet our security team.

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How GitLab went about choosing the right compliance framework

May 7, 2019

Independent vs aggregate? Determining the most effective security controls approach for any organization has many considerations.

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Inside the GitLab public bug bounty program

Apr 29, 2019

Four months since going public with our bug bounty program, we dive into where we’re at, what success looks like, and what to expect down the road.

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Agile iteration: My unique onboarding experience at GitLab

Apr 26, 2019

How I learned to iterate quickly during my first week at GitLab.

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Group Runner Registration Token Vulnerability

Apr 10, 2019

How we responded to a vulnerability in group runner registration tokens.

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GitLab's security tools and the HIPAA risk analysis

Apr 10, 2019

A closer look at GitLab’s security scanning tools and the HIPAA risk analysis.

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The evolution of Zero Trust

Apr 1, 2019

Zero Trust may be one of the hottest topics in security today, but it's not exactly new. Here's a history.

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An update on project runner registration token exposed through issues quick actions vulnerability

Mar 25, 2019

How we responded to a vulnerability in quick actions for issues that can expose project runner registration tokens to unauthorized users.

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A deep dive into the Security Analyst persona

Feb 12, 2019

See how we created our new Security Analyst persona, and how we are already putting it to use.

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