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Oct 15, 2019

Zero Trust at GitLab: Where do we go from here?

We take a look back at how far we've come in our ZTN implementation, and at the progress we still need to make. Read on

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Zero Trust at GitLab: Implementation challenges (and a few solutions)

Oct 2, 2019

Implementing change in an already working environment always brings its fair share of growing pains. What happens when that change is Zero Trust?

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Why we're reducing the time to payout and launching a bug bounty anniversary contest

Sep 24, 2019

You talked. We listened. Quicker bug bounty payouts and we're holding a contest for our hackers!

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Zero Trust at GitLab: Mitigating challenges with data zones and authentication scoring

Sep 6, 2019

How we’re defining and aligning data zones in our Zero Trust implementation.

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Zero Trust at GitLab: The data classification and infrastructure challenge

Aug 21, 2019

The classification of data is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to handling Zero Trust, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

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American Fuzzy Lop on GitLab: Automating instrumented fuzzing using pipelines

Aug 14, 2019

An example of how to automate instrumented fuzzing with American Fuzzy Lop using pipelines.

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Zero Trust at GitLab: Problems, goals, and coming challenges

Aug 9, 2019

We map out our Zero Trust goals, the challenges we expect to encounter along the way, and how we plan to address them.

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What we learned by taking our bug bounty program public

Jul 19, 2019

Six months into our public bug bounty program, we're taking stock of what's working and where we can make improvements.

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Turning the Adobe CCF into the GitLab Control Framework (it’s all open source!)

Jul 10, 2019

We’ve implemented and adapted an open source compliance framework. Now we're sharing our process and tools so you can adapt and customize it too.

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Ask GitLab Security: Alexander Dietrich

Jun 26, 2019

What are the challenges and rewards of working security for a growing, cloud native company? We grill one of our senior security engineers.

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Ask GitLab Security: Roger Ostrander

Jun 14, 2019

What’s it like working day and night to kill spam, Bitcoin mining, malware and more? Meet our security team.

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When technology outpaces security compliance

Jun 10, 2019

Where does today's tech transformation leave tomorrow's security compliance? A senior security analyst tackles the question.

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Ask GitLab Security: Paul Harrison

May 31, 2019

What’s it like working to secure one of the most transparent organizations in the world? Meet our security team.

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How GitLab went about choosing the right compliance framework

May 7, 2019

Independent vs aggregate? Determining the most effective security controls approach for any organization has many considerations.

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Inside the GitLab public bug bounty program

Apr 29, 2019

Four months since going public with our bug bounty program, we dive into where we’re at, what success looks like, and what to expect down the road.

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Agile iteration: My unique onboarding experience at GitLab

Apr 26, 2019

How I learned to iterate quickly during my first week at GitLab.

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