What is Cloud native?

Learn about cloud native applications that leverage technologies like containers, Kubernetes, and microservices to run at unprecedented scale and stability.

Cloud native technologies

Taking full advantage of the power of the cloud computing model and container orchestration, cloud native is an innovative way to build and run applications. Cloud native applications are built to run in the cloud, moving the focus away from machines to the actual service.

Because cloud native applications are architectured using microservices instead of a monolithic application structure, they rely on containers to package the application’s libraries and processes for deployment. Microservices allow developers to build deployable apps that are composed as individual modules focused on performing one specific service. This decentralization makes for a more resilient environment by limiting the potential of full application failure due to an isolated problem.

Container orchestration tools, like Kubernetes, allow developers to coordinate the way in which an application’s containers will function, including scaling and deployment.

Cloud native app development requires a shift to a DevOps operating structure. This means development and operations teams will work much more collaboratively, leading to a faster and smoother production process.

Using Cloud native to build your applications has a number of tangible benefits:

  • Saves money by monitoring and scaling application resources through cloud orchestration, i.e. container schedulers
  • Updates ship faster
  • Aligns operations with business goals
  • More time on business goals, less time on maintenance

GitLab is the place to build cloud native applications

Cloud native applications are the future of software development and GitLab is the best place to build these apps.

When transitioning to cloud native applications, your team will see a large increase in the number of projects that need to be managed because of the required use of microservices. The surge in project volume calls for consistent and efficient application lifecycle management — this is where GitLab comes in.

GitLab is an DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. From issue tracking and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring, having it all in one place simplifies toolchain complexity and speeds up cycle times. With a built-in container registry and Kubernetes integration, GitLab makes it easier than ever to get started with containers and cloud native development.

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