We want you to be able to contribute in style! To celebrate GitLab's new branding every contributor with at least one merge request merged into a gitlab-org project between the July 14 and July 31 will receive a laptop backpack featuring our new logo!

Use the contributing guide for setting up your development environment and finding an issue/project to contribute to! We have also put together a group of videos that can help you to start contributing.

Join one of our weekly office hour calls to address any questions, get help, or just hang out with the community and GitLab team members.

Important information: unfortunately merge requests to the website/handbook are excluded from this initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I submitted a Merge Request in July. If in August it hasn't been reviewed yet, do I qualify for the prize?

    - Yes, even if your MR is merged during August, you still qualify to receive your backpack. All MRs will be reviewed until the end of August.
  2. How will I receive my reward?
    - If someone hasn't reached out to you by August 15, please fill the form for requesting it.
  3. Is attendance to the office hour calls mandatory?
    - Office hour calls help you get started, address any questions, and meet the community. Your attendance is not mandatory unless you want to miss all the fun.