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Contributing to UX Design

UX Design

These instructions are for those wanting to contribute UX designs specifically. The UX department at GitLab uses Sketch for all of its designs. See the Design Repository documentation for details on working with our files. Visit our Contributing guidelines to read our general guidelines for contributing. While they are code-focused instructions, they will help you understand the overall process of contributing.

  1. If you want to leverage the GitLab Sketch UI Kit to submit UX proposals, you can download it following the instructions in the Design Repository documentation.
  2. You do not need to use Sketch to contribute. We will gladly accept hand-made drawings and sketches, wireframes, manipulated DOM screenshots, prototypes, etc.
  3. You can find documentation on our design patterns in our Design System. Use it to understand where and when to use common design solutions.
  4. If you don't already have an idea for a UX improvement, you can pick an existing problem to work on from this list of issues looking for community contributions
  5. Be sure to comment and verify no one else is working on the UX for the issue, and to make sure we’re still interested in a given contribution.
  6. Ask questions to clarify the problem being solved and make your UX suggestions using words, low-fi wireframes, hi-fi designs, or even prototypes. Ask for help if you’re new or if you get stuck. We’re happy to help! You can ping the UX Department in an issue or comment using this handle @gitlab-com/gitlab-ux.
  7. Ask for a review from a GitLab Product Designer. You’ll likely need to change some things once the reviewer has completed their review. You may also require multiple reviews depending on the scope of the UX.
  8. Get your UX approved!