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Leaders at Contribute

For the context of this video, please see the project challenges in the Greece recap

Company leaders who attend Gitlab Contribute should take the opportunity to engage with GitLab team-members across the organization and should be mindful of silos and favoritism as they observe team dynamics.

Be conscious

Leaders should consider themselves "hosts" of the event, which means that, in addition to facilitating team building and interaction, they should be aware of potential issues that could arise during the event related to the behavior, health, and safety guidelines below. These include:

What should managers do?

Who to contact?


Extraverts and Introverts

Remember that you and your co-workers may have different personality types in terms of how you interact with others in large social situations. Consider the differences between extraverts and introverts:




References: Are Extraverts Happier Than Introverts? Psychology Today Are You an Extravert, Introvert, or Ambivert?

Health and safety


Cultural Impacts and Differences

It is important to recognize that people from different cultures have different ways of saying things, different body language, different ways of dressing/attire and even different ways of looking at things. You can review examples of typical cultural differences on the Center of Intercultural Competence.

Contribute attendees should also remember:

Lost in Translation

Translation tends to sound easier than it is. People often think that it is just a matter of replacing each source word with a corresponding translated word, and then you are done. Assume best intent from your fellow team members and use it as an opportunity start a new dialogue. For more information you can review the following articles on LTC Language Solutions

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