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Previous GitLab Contributes (Formerly Summits)

Previous GitLab Contributes

Virtual Contribute

In April 2020, we pivoted to a Virtual Contribute after canceling the Prague Contribute due to Covid-19. GitLab team members and investors joined from around the world to enjoy keynotes, workshops, and speed coffee chatting.

Virtual Contribute 2020In April 2020, the team had grown to 1250!

Contribute in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

In May 2019, 518 team members and 43 guests gathered in New Orleans. Around a dozen customers, community members, and investors also experienced the GitLab culture.

GitLab Summit - New Orleans - 2019In May 2019, the whole team counted 518 GitLab team-members!

Back in the day

Before we evolved to become GitLab Contribute, our annual gathering was called the GitLab Summit. Summits brought the team together every 9ish months.

Summit in Cape Town, South Africa

At the end of August 2018, over 260 team members gathered in Cape Town, South Africa. Over 85 guests, a handful of customers, advisors, and investors also joined in the fun.

GitLab Summit - South Africa - 2018In August 2018, the team had grown to 320 GitLab team members!

Summit in Crete, Greece

By October 2017, we had 200 team members and 65 guests get together in Greece to enjoy the beautiful islands of Crete and Santorini.

The GitLab Team in October 2017When October 2017 came around, the team grew to 200 GitLab team members!

Summit in Cancun, Mexico

In January 2017, we met in Cancun, Mexico, where roughly 150 team members and 50 guests join from 35 different countries.

The GitLab team in January 2017In January 2017, the team had grown to 150 GitLab team members!

Summit in Austin, Texas, USA

In May 2016, our team of 85 met up in Austin, TX to see if they were (still) as awesome as they seemed on Google Hangout.

Here's some footage our team put together to show how much fun we had:

The GitLab team in May 2016Back in May 2016, the team was a total of 85 GitLab team members

Summit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Here are some impressions from our second summit in October 2015.

The GitLab team in October 2015In October 2015, the team had grown to almost 30 GitLab team members!

Summit in Novi Sad, Serbia

Less than 10 people attended GitLab's first summit. The highlight was lunch at Marin's mom's home in October 2013.

GitLab Summit - Serbia - 2013

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