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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Roundtables

DIB Roundtable

A DIB roundtable is a great way to build deeper connections with team members and develop safe spaces to discuss DIB related issues. The DIB roundtable will ask team members to share stories and anecdotes as well as challenge team members to think about how they personally and collectively can positively impact DIB.

This page outlines the process of DIB Roundtables. These can be self-organised or organised by the DIB Team.

Starting a roundtable


First, identify a group of team members who would like to participate. This can be done via slack, with your direct team or other avenues.

If you volunteer or are elected to be the facilitator you role is to:

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Team Organized (Self Facilitated):

The DIB Team will organise DIB Roundtables on the first week of each month for those team members who have expressed interest on the relevant monthly thread on this epic

The DIB Team will organise groups of 5-6 team members to participate in the roundtable together. They will open an issue with the group that will be attending your roundtable.
The group will not be facilitated by the Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Team, you can volunteer or elect a person to help facilitate in the issue.

If you volunteer or are elected to be the facilitator your role is to:

Manager Organized:

A manager can request the DIB Team organise a DIB Roundtable for their team. They will help facilitate the roundtable and will organise other activities specific to the needs of the team.

If you are a manager, request a DIB roundtable by using this issue template.

A DIB Team Member will set up a time to discuss with the manager the function of the DIB Roundtable and suggest activities and exercises to achieve the aim of the Roundtable.

The Roundtable:

Set the ground rules:

Start with Privilege for Sale or Privilege Backpack

Privilege for Sale

Privilege for Sale is a great interactive activity to get you thinking about Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Click the link for the full activity.

The Goals and learning objectives are as follows:

Roundtable Questions:

Once you have fully completed the roundtable, create a handbook entry on the DIB Roundtable Sharing Page. You can share as much or as little as your would like too about the experience and learnings of the roundtable.

What next?

The Diversity, Inclusions and Belonging Team is working on Roundtables part two, where we will go beyond creating safe spaces to discuss DIB related issues, to developing deeper trust, emplathy and vunerability.

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