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Diversity and Inclusion Events

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On this page you will be provided an overview of the Diversity & Inclusion events/journey that have taken place or will take place.

Summary of Events for 2019:

Month Events Outcome / Results
Apr 2019 Hired D&I Manager  
May 2019 D&I Breakout Sessions at Contribute 2019 TBC
Jun 2019 Monthly D&I Initiatives Call TBC
  Inclusive Language Training  
  Published GitLab D&I Mission Statement  
  Published GitLab's Defintion of Diversity & Inclusion  
Jul 2019 Launched Greenhouse Inclusion Tool  
Aug 2019 GitLab Pride launched TBC
  GitLab MIT - Minorities in Tech launched TBC
  GitLab DiversABILITY launched TBC
  GitLab Women+ launched TBC
  D&I Advisory Group launched TBC
Sep 2019 D&I Advisory Group Guidelines published  
  Published ERG Guidelines TBC
  D&I Framework TBC
Oct 2019 Slack Channels for all ERGs and D&I Advisory Group added TBC
Dec 2019 Live Learning Inclusion Training TBC
  Received D&I Comparably Award  

Summary of Events for 2020:

Month Events Outcome / Results
Jan 2020 Live Learning Ally Training TBC
  D&I Analytics Dashboard - First Iteration TBC
Feb 2020 Anita Borg becomes an Official Partner TBC
  D&I Survey via Culture Amp TBC
Mar 2020 Unconscious Bias Training Being scheduled
  Working Mother Media Award Submission TBC
  D&I Activities at Contribute TBC
Apr Kickoff Women in Sales Initiatives TBC
Apr Kickoff D&I in Engineering Initiatives TBC