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FY20-Q4 OKRs

This fiscal quarter will run from November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020.

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  1. CRO: Build strong FY21 pipeline.
    1. CRO KR: FY21-Q1 pipeline at 2X target (stage 3+)
    2. CRO KR: FY21-Q2 pipeline at 1.2X target (stage 3+)
    3. VP, Field Ops: Instrument systems and programs to intended targets.
      1. VP Field Ops KR: Factor pipeine targets to relevant tools.
      2. VP Field Ops KR: Target 90%+ completion of certification programs.
      3. Sr Director of Sales Operations: Assess solution for pipeline targets.
        1. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Implement targets into Clari (or SFDC).
        2. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Measure effectiveness to 90% accuracy.
      4. Director of Sales Enablement: Develop certification ROE and processes.
        1. Director of Sales Enablement KR: Verify Managers have scheduled review.
        2. Director of Sales Enablement KR: Target 90%+ completion of certification programs.
    4. VP Alliances: Broaden addressable user base through user personas (OPS and Security).
      1. VP Alliances KR: AWS Re:invent GitLab visibility (5 sessions).
      2. VP Alliances KR: Kubecon 14 Top K8s partners with GitLab demos for 400 customers each.
      3. VP Alliances KR: Launch partner marketing campaign.
    5. VP Alliances: Deliver GitLab as part of our partner’s sales processes.
      1. VP Alliances KR: Support building channel with new VP.
      2. VP Alliances KR: Double lead flow from key alliance partners.
      3. VP Alliances KR: Deliver first GitLab session at Dreamforce.
    6. VP Alliances: Build tighter partner integrations with GitLab for K8s, Marketplace and Authentication.
      1. VP Alliances KR: Grow secure stage through partnerships.
      2. VP Alliances KR: Create 1st class experiences for core partner compute services.
      3. VP Alliances KR: Establish shared technical roadmap with Hashicorp.
  2. CRO: Ensure public company readiness.
    1. CRO KR: Sales & Marketing using a single pipeline dashboard.
    2. CRO KR: Conduct mock earnings call.
    3. VP Field Ops: Align GTM goals and optimize reporting cadence to support IPO.
      1. VP Field Ops KR: Create SSOT dashboard of key GTM KPIs.
      2. VP Field Ops KR: Target < 1 day EOM close.
      3. Sr. Manager of Analytics: Partner with GTM Sales/Marketing Metrics Team to create SSOT dashboard view of GTM KPIs.
        1. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Launch Periscope dashboard.
        2. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Highlight 3 KPIs of focus for GTM Motion Team.
      4. Sr Director of Sales Operations: Optimize EOM close.
        1. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Provide final bookings < 1 day by simplification of IACV calc.
        2. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Automation > 50% of EOM close processes.
        3. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Document new processes in Handbook.
    4. Customer Success: Decide on customer success platform.
      1. Customer Success KR: Define requirements.
      2. Customer Success KR: Assess vendors.
      3. Customer Success KR: Contract signed.
    5. Customer Success: Restructure handbook to align GitLab organization to the customer journey.
      1. Customer Success KR: Information architecture created with 100% of content relating to customer journey.
      2. Customer Success KR: 50% of handbook content restructured to new design as measured by group's content.
      3. TAM: Complete onboarding processes.
        1. TAM KR: Segment-specific processes (enterprise, midmarket, SMB).
        2. TAM KR: 2 digital content assets.
        3. TAM KR: Survey created and sent to all 100% of Enterprise customers post-creation.
      4. TAM: Improve engagement approaches for key processes (EBR, TAM account reviews, GitLab days).
        1. TAM KR: Processes for each 3.
        2. TAM KR: 2 Templates (EBR and reviews).
        3. TAM KR: Enablement for 90% of TAMs.
      5. TAM Comm: Develop scalable onboarding approach.
        1. TAM Comm KR: 2 webinars.
        2. TAM Comm KR: 1 Email campaigns.
        3. TAM Comm KR: Updated TAM process in handbook.
      6. CS Ops: Implement time-to-value reporting for 3 metrics.
        1. CS Ops KR: Time to engage, onboarding complete, and first value delivery.
        2. CS Ops KR: Reporting delivered for 100% Enterprise and midmarket customers.
      7. Comm SA: Define systematic Commercial presales technical buyers journey.
        1. Comm SA KR: Formalized tech eval process for 3 segments Tier 1 MM, MM, SMB).
        2. Comm SA KR: Tech eval and handoff processes updated.
      8. SA West: Establish Enterprise Large presales tech eval process.
        1. SA West KR: Identify success patterns.
        2. SA West KR: Improved activity tracking requirements created for SFDC.
        3. SA West KR: 2 SA playbooks.
      9. PS Solutions: Develop plans for future operational and strategic service offerings.
        1. PS Solutions KR: Revenue model created with finance.
        2. PS Solutions KR: Customer survey and feedback reports created for 100% of customers (Q3 and Q4)
        3. PS Solutions KR: New service offering plan created for 1 year outlook.
      10. PS Solutions: Develop services onboarding for 2 partners for training capacity.
        1. PS Solutions KR: Training plan.
        2. PS Solutions KR: Management plan.
        3. PS Solutions KR: 2 partners MSAs signed.
      11. PS Solutions: Complete end-to-end process process to streamline sales process.
        1. PS Solutions KR: End-to-end process streamlined.
        2. PS Solutions KR: Control models updated.
        3. PS Solutions KR: 100% of process steps and approvals documented.
      12. PS Delivery: Improve repeatability and quality of service delivery.
        1. PS Delivery KR: Close backlog older than 120 days.
        2. PS Delivery KR: Scheduling and resource management.
        3. PS Delivery KR: Expectations management training delivered to 100% of PSEs.
      13. PS Education: Develop modular "GitLab Total Product Training."
        1. PS Education KR: Update existing training.
        2. PS Education KR: Develop content for 1 complete product training.
      14. VP Field Ops: Align GTM goals and optimize reporting cadence to support IPO.
        1. VP Field Ops KR: Create SSOT dashboard of key GTM KPIs.
        2. VP Field Ops KR: Target < 1 day EOM close.
        3. Sr. Manager of Analytics: Partner with GTM Sales/Marketing Metrics Team to create SSOT dashboard view of GTM KPIs.
          1. Sr. Manager of Analytics KR: Launch Periscope dashboard.
          2. Sr. Manager of Analytics KR: Highlight 3 KPIs of focus for GTM Motion Team.
        4. Sr Director of Sales Operations: Optimize EOM close.
          1. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Provide final bookings < 1 day by simplification of IACV calc.
          2. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Automation > 50% of EOM close processes.
          3. Sr Director of Sales Operations KR: Document new processes in Handbook
  3. VP of Engineering: Enterprise-grade
    1. Sr Director of Development
      1. Director of Engineering, Enablement
        1. Iteratively re-architect our queue implementation to create 10x headroom
        2. Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery
      2. Interim Director of Engineering, CI/CD
        1. Get CI queue times (p95) under 1 min
        2. Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery
      3. Director of Engineering, Dev: Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery
      4. Interim Director of Engineering, Ops: Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery
      5. Director of Engineering, Defend: Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery
      6. Director of Engineering, Secure: Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery
      7. Director of Engineering, Growth
        1. Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery
        2. Growth stage: Perform weekly iterations
    2. Director of Infrastructure: Drive Availability to 99.95%
    3. Director of Quality: Improve GitLab Enterprise features robustness by improving functional and performance test coverage
    4. Interim Director of Security: Improve GitLab Security resilience and availability by creating independent GitLab Security environments
    5. Director of Support: Create sustainable process to achieve 85% performance to Next Response Time SLA
  4. CMO: Cost-effective IACV pipeline growth
    1. Community: Showcase activity generated by GitLab Heroes.
      1. Community KR: 10 GitLab use-case videos or blogs published.
      2. Community KR: 5 GitLab talks given by Heroes.
    2. Corp Mkt: Increase in awareness around GitLab CI/CD in response to competitor GA announcement.
      1. Corp Mkt KR: Be included in 25% of the articles about competitor announcement.
        1. Corp Mkt KR: Drive 1000 form fills on the competitive campaign landing page.
    3. Corp Mkt: Successful pull-through of multi-cloud message at KubeCon.
      1. Corp Mkt KR: Reach 5,000 people directly (50% of attendees) via KubeCon talks or 0-day events.
      2. Corp Mkt KR: Be included in 5 multi-cloud focused articles and partnerships highlighted in 10 event articles.
      3. Corp Mkt KR: 500,000 social media impressions from tanuki adventure.
    4. Corp Mkt: In-quarter demonstrable results from AWS re:Invent.
      1. Corp Mkt KR: Collect 5,000 leads from AWS re:Invent.
      2. Corp Mkt KR: 500 follow-up requests.
      3. Corp Mkt KR: 50 SAOs and $1m in pipeline by end of Q4 (a 2-1 pipe to spend by end of Q).
    5. Corp Mkt: Increase awareness of GitLab in public relations efforts.
      1. Corp Mkt KR: 50% SOV vs. main competitor.
      2. Corp Mkt KR: Company mentioned in 30 business press articles.
      3. Corp Mkt KR: At least two key messages included in 75% of feature articles.
    6. Revenue Mkt: Optimize value-driver campaigns.
      1. Revenue Mkt KR: Decrease cost-per-lead to $230 by end of Q4.
      2. Revenue Mkt KR: Increase MQL to SDR-QL conversion rate by 20%.
    7. Strategic Mkt: Incorporate AWS, Google Cloud & VMWare partnership assets into 3 value-driver campaigns.
      1. Revenue Mkt KR: One partner-specific content asset in each PF track.
      2. Revenue Mkt KR: 3 partner demand-gen activities that drive to value driver campaign.
      3. Revenue Mkt KR: 1 technical blog for each partner introduced in each campaign.
  5. CFO: Improve financial planning processes to support growth and increased transparency.
    1. Finance: Single source of truth for hiring process designed and implemented
    2. Finance: Complete financial model from top of funnel through closed won
    3. Finance: Version control for financial model that allows for real time analysis without impacting production model
    4. Finance: Automate 100% of Investor Metrics in Periscope
  1. VP of Product Strategy: Get strategic thinking into the org. Secure section strategy review, produce strategy visuals.
  2. VP of Product Strategy: Get acquisitions into shape; build a well-oiled machine. Build soft-landing identification software, identify 1000 qualified acquisition targets.
  3. VP of Product Strategy: Lay groundwork for strategic initiatives. Research 5 strategic initiatives.
  4. VP of Product Management: Deliver on product roadmap. Achieve 100% of our category maturity plans.
  5. VP of Product Management: Proactively validate problems and solutions with customers. At least 2 validation cycles completed per Product Manager.
  6. VP of Product Management: Create stage level product demos to build customer empathy. Deliver one recorded demo for each stage.
  7. Director of Product, Growth: Establish a rapid cadence of testing & learning. At least one deliverable per week, per growth group.
  8. Director of Product, Growth: Improve the customer experience with billing related workflows. Make material improvements to direct signup, trial, seat true-up, upgrade, and renewal workflows, both for .com and self-hosted customers, driving at least $570k in incremental ACV (IACV).
  9. Director of Product, Growth: Improve the quality of product usage data. Deliver accurate SMAU dashboards for each stage, including both .com and self-hosted customer usage data.
  10. Director of Product, Secure & Defend; Group Manager, Enablement: Communicate updated product visions at the Section level to inform product investment decisions. Deliver product vision content for Secure & Defend and Enablement sections by end of Q4.
  11. VP of Engineering: Raise productivity thru iteration without jeopardizing availability
    1. Sr Director of Development: Deliver on our product vision by being more iterative
    2. Director of Infrastructure: Achieve daily deployment velocity.
    3. Director of Quality: Increase Engineering efficiency and productivity by speeding up test and pipeline duration
    4. Interim Director of Security: Improve the GitLab product by dogfooding Secure & Defend features department-wide
    5. Director of UX: Make the GitLab UI more beautiful by burning down remaining UI Beautification issues.
    6. Director of UX: Help make the GitLab product more loveable by sharing UX work broadly and frequently to reinforce our overall vision.
  12. CMO: Building scalable future capabilities
    1. Community: Grow Heroes program, with a Q4 focus in North America.
      1. Community KR: Establish Heroes governing council.
      2. Community KR: 5 new meetup groups in NORAM.
      3. Community KR: 10 new Heroes from NORAM.
    2. Community: Pilot GitLab “Hackathon-in-a-box.”
      1. Community KR: Develop packaged Hackathon offering to facilitate contributions at face-to-face events.
      2. Community KR: Pilot offering at 3 events in Q4.
    3. Revenue Mkt: ABM programs running.
      1. Revenue Mkt KR: Demandbase implemented.
      2. Revenue Mkt KR: Target accounts identified by territory.
      3. Revenue Mkt KR: ABM metrics baseline established.
      4. Revenue Mkt KR: Territory campaigns running in 2 territories.
    4. Strategic Mkt: Roll out GitLab ROI framework.
      1. Strategic Mkt KR: Deliver ROI business justification tool for sales.
      2. Strategic Mkt KR: Work with Forrester to complete first customer data collection for Total Economic Impact report.
    5. Strategic Mkt: Introduce use cases as framework for GTM.
      1. Strategic Mkt KR: Roll out first 4 use cases.
      2. Strategic Mkt KR: Align use cases with 3 content pillars.
      3. Strategic Mkt KR: Publish a web page dedicated to each use case
      4. Strategic Mkt KR: Publish demo for for each use case.
    6. Strategic Mkt: Reset competitor and DevOps tools comparison web strategy.
      1. Strategic Mkt KR: Implement 5 loveable competitive comparison page revamps and Crayon cards.
      2. Strategic Mkt KR: Establish simplified comparison page format for ‘functionally similar’ DevOps tools.
    7. Strategic Mkt: Pilot Learn@gitlab web experience for finding & featuring how-to technical content.
      1. Strategic Mkt KR: Publish MVC landing page or PF experience.
      2. Strategic Mkt KR: Tag existing content into new page.
      3. Strategic Mkt KR: Build plan for FY21.

3. CEO: Great team

  1. VP Recruiting: Deliver on the ambitious hiring plan, in partnership with leaders, while ensuring a unique and exceptional candidate experience and that candidate pools are diverse and representative of our communities. At least 90% of plan for the quarter. Average time to fill at 40 days, excluding Director+. ??% of hiring manager interviews are with females candidates.
  2. Chief People Officer: Support an environment where all team members feel they belong, are valued, and they can contribute; understand the key drivers for team member engagement and continuously improve. Select 1-2 top priorities from October 2019 Engagement Survey and develop action plan. Training modules rolled out: at least 2 D&I training modules + communication/management training. ??% of hiring manager interviews for leadership roles are with with female candidates.
  3. Chief People Officer: Improve onboarding to ensure optimal levels of new team member experience and productivity. OSAT (Onboarding Satisfaction): Increase response rate and maintain score of 4.0 or higher. ROI calculation for new HRIS that meets the needs of a medium to large size company. 100% of People Ops team trained to effectively handle team member questions.
  4. Chief People Officer: Team members understand the value of their compensation, benefits, and perks. Annual comp review with updated location factor based on data from ERI, Numbeo, Compensation Surveys while taking the Average Location Factor KPI into account. Measure and ensure gender pay equity. Ensure competitive benefits offerings where we have entities/PEOs.
  5. CRO: Implement an efficient and effective hiring model. Talent model used end to end on at least 5 hires in Q4, Manager Span of Control (equal to or less than 8) for entire CRO org.
    1. VP Field Ops: Partner with VP Recruiting to refactor hiring process leveraging correct hiring targets. Forecasting hiring pipleine >100% of targets, Partner with PeopleOps to use Talent Model >4 hires, target >80% of MSoC < 8 FTEs
    2. Customer Success SA West: Improve presales technical account planning. Assessment of successful/unsuccessful approaches, Complete updated tech evaluation process integrating CoM in handbook.
    3. Customer Success Ops/Enablement: Develop CoM playbooks / cards for key TAM expansion plays. SCM to CI, Security, Starter to Premium, Premium to Ultimate playbooks documented (Note: sales plays may not be in handbook).
    4. Customer Success Ops/Enablement: Enhance onboarding for Customer Success team. Updated training delivered to 80% of team, Enablement guide, New employee survey delivered to 100% of onboarded team members (once completed).
    5. Customer Success Ops/Enablement: Launch peer to peer continued education program. Library of recorded training sessions 3 digital assets, Quick response training, 2 small consumable training sessions delivered.
    6. Customer Success East: Develop SA experts program. Establish 3 stage experts, Define role and responsibilities in handbook.
  6. VP of Engineering: Provide mentorship/coaching at every level
    1. Sr Director of Development
      1. Interim Director of Engineering, CI/CD: Maintain current developers to maintainers ratio
      2. Director of Engineering, Dev: Maintain current developers to maintainers ratio
      3. Interim Director of Engineering, Ops: Maintain current developers to maintainers ratio
      4. Director of Engineering, Defend: Maintain current developers to maintainers ratio
      5. Director of Engineering, Enablement: Maintain current developers to maintainers ratio
      6. Director of Engineering, Secure: Maintain current developers to maintainers ratio
      7. Director of Engineering, Growth: Maintain current developers to maintainers ratio
    2. Director of Infrastructure: Hire key Infrastructure Management vacancies
    3. Director of Quality: Scale Quality Engineering to all product stages by growing to plan
    4. Interim Director of Security: Develop FY21 Security strategy and organisational structure
    5. Director of Support: Develop FY21 Support strategy and supporting organizational direction
    6. Director of Support: Rebase interlock with Customer SuccessRebase interlock with Customer Success
    7. Director of UX: Scale UX Research by building out Research Training materials that Product Managers and Product Designers can use to consistently deliver results.
  7. CFO: Issue Financial Statements and Improve Accounting Processes
    1. Controller: Achieve 12 day close by Q4 FY 2020, and 10 day close by Q2 FY 2021.
    2. Principal Accounting Officer: No material adjustments in audit; no material post-close adjustments in monthly close
    3. Accounts Payable: Complete Tipalti implementation
    4. Payroll: HR data integration between Bamboo/ADP; Update handbook with a payroll section (Shared OKR with PeopleOps)
    5. Payroll: Proposal to replace Expensify
    6. PAO/Revenue: Complete retrospective review of Revenue Allocation.
    7. Controller: Propose vendor and implementation plan for rev rec (formerly RevPro) and Commissions (Xactly).
    8. PAO: No material weaknesses identified by Audit Firm.
  8. CFO: Build a scalable data infrastructure that ensures completeness of data, quality and ability for anyone in the organization to access data and perform analysis.
    1. Data Team: Embedded/Central analyst/engineer model implemented so each function has at least one embedded data analyst.
    2. Data Team: 66% of Sensitive data is identified at the database object level (columns, tables, etc.) in a file in our repository for use in automated modeling, administering, and auditing of the warehouse.
    3. Data Team: 66% of data sources of Data quality measures and tests documented and implemented for data sources.
  9. CFO: Create an IT organization that prepares the company for growth over next 18 months.
    1. IT: Create an IT SLA framework and issue initial target of less than three days.
    2. IT: 100% of onboard/offboard activities included in new hire/termination issues with automated notification to system DRIs.
    3. IT: Complete audit of system access termination for offboarded team members.
  10. CFO: Create scalable business systems with business processes that have cross functional ownership.
    1. Business Systems: Technology Stack and DRIs in handbook in relevant places in handbook (avoid directory problem).
    2. Business Systems: Defined technology approach for back end of portal.
  11. CFO: Improve purchasing function to streamline process while saving money.
    1. Procurement: Public RFP issued to replace Zuora as Gitlab's Subscription Management and CPQ solution.
    2. Procurement: Streamlined workflow based on procurement type. Involve purchasing early in the process.
    3. Procurement: Deliver quantified savings of > $250,000 in Q4.
  12. CFO: Maintain corporate tax compliance while looking for methods to improve tax efficiency.
    1. Director of Tax: Deliver Global VAT review
    2. Director of Tax: Propose optimized tax structure for supply chain
    3. Director of Tax: Analysis on taxation of RSU’s
  13. CMO: Increase marketing team operational efficiency
    1. MktOps: Improve SDR lead processing efficiency.
      1. MktOps KR: Reduce lead views to 5 (from 30+ today).
      2. MktOps KR: Average lead processing time for SDR under 5 minutes (from 10+ minutes).
      3. MktOps KR: MQL lead and contact views emptied every day.
    2. MktOps: Less manual and more accurate lead routing.
      1. MktOps KR: DemandBase form append running on all inbound forms.
      2. MktOps KR: Reduce manual lead routing by 50% (from 4k per month).
      3. MktOps KR: No cutting-and-pasting data from DataFox/
    3. MktOps: Automate lead followup.
      1. MktOps KR: Lead status in Outreach synced to SFDC lead status.
      2. MktOps KR: Ability to auto-sequence low-scoring leads launched.
      3. MktOps KR: Drift bot qualifying and routing website leads.
    4. Community: Increase response coverage and improve responsiveness on high priority channels.
      1. Community KR: Decrease median first reply time to 5 hours for Hacker News and website/blog comments.
      2. Community KR: Add YouTube GitLab channels and Linkedin to ZenDesk integration and response workflow.
    5. Strategic Mkt: Establish PIs (performance indicator) for each Strategic Marketing team.
      1. Strategic Mkt KR: Each sub-team at least one PI trackable in a Periscope dashboard.
      2. Strategic Mkt KR: Point-of-reference tool implemented.
      3. Strategic Mkt KR: AR coverage “heatmap at-a-glance” implemented.
    6. Revenue Mkt: Implement organic search optimizations.
      1. Revenue Mkt KR: Establish catalog of SEO terms.
      2. Revenue Mkt KR: Identify first list of SEO optimizations.
      3. Revenue Mkt KR: Optimize 10 website pages for key terms.

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