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FY21-Q2 OKRs

This fiscal quarter will run from May 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020.

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OKR Schedule

The by-the-book schedule for the OKR timeline would be

OKR schedule Week of Task
-5 2020-03-30 CEO pushes top goals to this page
-4 2020-04-06 E-group pushes updates to this page and discusses it in the e-group weekly meeting
-3 2020-04-13 E-group 50 minute draft review meeting
-2 2020-04-20 Discuss with the board and the teams
-1 2020-04-27 CEO reports give a How to achieve presentation
0 2020-05-04 CoS updates OKR page for current quarter to be active
+2 2020-05-17 Review previous and next quarter during the next board meeting




  1. Increase IACV per sales and marketing dollar spend. Sales efficiency > 1.0.
  2. More efficient marketing through reusable. MRs per person, site/docs visits, ands Youtube upload goals?
  3. Drive IACV with growth initiatives. $xm generated.


  1. Using an extra stage triples conversion. Increase SpU by 0.5 stages.
  2. Deliver more value to users efficiently. Release posts items per engineer +25%
  3. Reduce the cost of to xxx per user

3. CEO: Great team


  1. On average team-members have 3 Competencies certifications.
  2. More diverse company. Top of funnel is twice as diverse as the current identity data.
  3. Metric driven. All KPIs in operational in Sisense, GitLab, or the handbook. Key meeting presentations have auto-updating graphs through the automated KPI Slides or by leveraging Sisense in Google Slides.

How to Achieve Presentations