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November 18, 2023

By November 18, 2023 GitLab wants to deliver a Popular next generation product where 50% of our categories are at lovable maturity.

Category and Application Type maturity:
  • Planned Planned Maturity   Planned: Not yet implemented in GitLab, but on our roadmap.
  • Minimal Minimal Maturity   Minimal: A minimal foundation so people can see where we're going and to validate customer need, and which does not need to be ready for customers to use in production.
  • Viable Viable Maturity   Viable: Used by significant numbers of GitLab team members and users to solve real problems.
  • Complete Complete Maturity   Complete: Contains a competitive feature set sufficient to displace other single-purpose DevOps tools. GitLab uses it exclusively.
  • Lovable Lovable Maturity   Lovable: Provides an elevated user experience that customers love.
Category maturity levels will be determined by scorecards generated from user experience interviews.

Stage lifecycle:

  • Not yet available (typically year 0)
  • Not used at GitLab Inc. (typically year 1)
  • Majority of users work at GitLab Inc. (typically year 2)
  • Majority of users don’t work at GitLab Inc. (typically year 3)
  • Usable for most GitLab users (typically year 4)
  • Users of other tools start to switch (typically year 5)
  • Entry point for new customers (typically year 6)
  • Best product in the market (typically year 7)

Expected category maturity by Nov 18, 2023

GitLab features are grouped into a hierarchy, representing increasingly higher level capabilities. Features make up a broader Category, which then belong to a DevOps Stage. Stages are assigned a yearly lifecycle, and categories a maturity.