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November 18, 2023

By November 18, 2023 GitLab wants to deliver a Popular next generation product where 50% of our categories are at lovable maturity.

Category and Application Type maturity:
Planned: Not yet implemented in GitLab, but on our roadmap.
Minimal: Available in the product, and works in the recommended setup. Has utility to the user, but does not completely address the job-to-be-done, yet. Not to be used as a primary selling point, as capabilities are minimal. Suitable to replace the need for existing tools for new companies, departments, and teams.
Viable: Significant use at GitLab the company. CM Scorecard at least 3.14 for the job to be done (JTBD) when tested with internal users. No assessment of related jobs to be done. Suitable to replace the need for existing tools for new namespaces, projects, and environments.
Complete: GitLab the company dogfoods it exclusively. At least 100 customers use it. CM Scorecard score at least 3.63 for the identified JTBDs when tested with external users. Suitable to migrate from existing tools.
Lovable: CM score of at least 3.95 for the JTBD (and related JTBDs, if applicable) when tested with external users.

Stage lifecycle:

  • Not yet available (typically year 0)
  • Not used at GitLab Inc. (typically year 1)
  • Majority of users work at GitLab Inc. (typically year 2)
  • Majority of users don’t work at GitLab Inc. (typically year 3)
  • Usable for most GitLab users (typically year 4)
  • Users of other tools start to switch (typically year 5)
  • Entry point for new customers (typically year 6)
  • Best product in the market (typically year 7)

Expected category maturity by Nov 18, 2023

GitLab features are grouped into a hierarchy, representing increasingly higher level capabilities. Features make up a broader Category, which then belong to a DevOps Stage. Stages are assigned a yearly lifecycle, and categories a maturity.

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