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Working Groups

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What's a Working Group?

Like all groups at GitLab, a working group is an arrangement of people from different functions. What makes a working group unique is that it has defined roles and responsibilities, and is tasked with achieving a high-impact business goal. A working group disbands when the goal is achieved (defined by exit criteria) so that GitLab doesn't accrue bureaucracy.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Required Responsibility
Facilitator Yes Assembles the working group, runs the meeting, and communicates results
Executive Stakeholder Yes An Executive or Senior Leader interested in the results, or responsible for the outcome
Functional Lead Yes (for each function) Someone who represents their entire function to the working group
Member No Any subject matter expert



Participating in a Working Group

If you are interested in participating in an active working group, it is generally recommended that you first communicate with your manager and the facilitator and/or lead of the working group. After that, you can add yourself to the working group member list by creating a MR against the specific working group handbook page.

Active Working Groups (alphabetic order)

Past Working Groups (alphabetic order)

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