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FY21 Product Engagement Actions

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Property Value
Date Created February 23, 2021
Target End Date May 30, 2021
Slack #wg_fy21_product_engagement_actions (only accessible by GitLab team members)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda (only accessible by GitLab team members)
Epics/Issues Engagement Survey Issue / Issue Board / Engagement action item epics: 1386 1387 1388
Label ~wg-fy21-engagement-actions

Problems To Solve

For more details please reference the Product FY'21 Engagement Survey Results.

  1. How can we provide a clear, actionable and trackable path for product managers to grow and thrive at GitLab and beyond?
  2. How can we better support and help product managers focus on creating innovative and valuable products for GitLab's customers?

Business Goals

Protocols and Processes

How we'll do the work

In order to stay focused and move quickly on actions, we need to stay lean. Therefore, the working group will be limited to 9 functional leads, 1 facilitator and 1 executive sponsor. The 9 functional leads will then be split into three groups of 3 collaborators, who will each own of of the problems to solve, as noted above.

Creating Epics, Issues and MRs for the working group board

Please note the above actions are necessary for succesful async collaboration.

How we'll review and share the work

NOTE TO ALL: Please pay attention to your To-Do list! We'll not hold the train on non-controversial MRs for more than 24 hours.


Meetings are recorded and available on Product GDrive. The faciliator will post a link to the video in a Slack as part of a meeting summary after every weekly sync. Due to the subject matter of this working group and the high probability that every synchronous meeting will discuss sensitive customer information, the playlist is private and accessible by GitLab team members only.

Exit Criteria

Required per Product FY'21 Engagement Survey Results:

  1. Define a competency for managers to conduct effective 1-2 year career development conversations. Update the product handbook with guidance, and develop a template so we have a consistent approach across the division. Each team member should then feel welcome to fill out the document and schedule time with their manager to discuss. We very much want to be having regular career conversations on a cadence the works for each person.
  2. Invest in a more robust Learning & Development curriculum for Product team members for at least three key competencies. Leverage content from LinkedIn, ProductTalk, and homegrown sources. Link content to competency development handbook descriptions, the Career Development Framework, and onboarding instructions.
  3. Develop a product handbook page outlining the required monthly release tasks for PM's. Make it clear what's required, and what's optional and/or there for best practice guidance. Endeavor to reduce the monthly release task list for PM's so there is more time available for high value activities like customer, market, and competitive research.

Required per Product Operations:

  1. Communication strategy for initial updates of each actions
    • Conduct an AMA to answer all questions / concerns
    • Communication in meetings, Slack and release pages as appropriate
  2. Ongoing communication for updates/maintenance of the L & D and other actions as a whole
  3. Dogfooding: Identify a Section/ group to dogfood L & D and other components as appropraite
    • Document and capture feedback for future iteration


  1. Define quantitative and qualitative measures of success for
    • Learning and development hub
    • Product manager onboarding
    • product manager job satisfaction

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Scott Williamson (Product) Chief Product Officer
Facilitator Farnoosh Seifoddini (Product) Product Operations
Functional Lead Kevin Chu (Product) Group Manager
Functional Lead Mike Karampalas (Product - Growth) Principal Product Manager
Functional Lead Mark Wood (Product - Create / Plan) Senior Product Manager
Functional Lead Josh Zimmerman (People)) Learning & Development Manager
Functional Lead Viktor Nagy (Product - Configure) Senior Product Manager
Functional Lead Derek Ferguson (Product - Secure) Senior Product Manager
Functional Lead Jacki Bauer (UX) UX Manager
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