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Category Leadership Working Group

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Property Value
Date Created 2021-07-20
Estimated Date Ended 2021-10-31
Slack #wg-category-leadership (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Category Leadership Working Group - Agenda

Business Goal

Solidify GitLab's 'The DevOps Platform’ messaging, including messaging for:

  1. One sentence
  2. One pager
  3. Golden pitch
  4. Website
  5. 'Airport banner' / Brand agency
  6. Category leadership
  7. Commit keynote
  8. Key external audience messaging

Exit Criteria

Add Epic

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person
Facilitator Christine Lee
Functional Lead(s) Craig Mestel
Member Harsh Jawharkar, Melissa Smolensky, Stella Treas, Mike Pyle, Monica Galleto
Executive Stakeholder Sid Sijbrandij
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