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China Service Working Group

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Property Value
Date Created December 17, 2020
End Date April 30, 2021
Slack #jihu-working-group (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Issue Board

Exit Criteria

The charter of this working group is to operationalize a new plan for servicing China, due on April 30, 2021. Ongoing plans for engagement should be clearly identified, agreed upon, and documented.

Roles and Responsibilities

GitLab Inc JiHu Enablement Team

The GitLab Inc JiHu Enablement Team includes team members who are directly enabling and supporting JiHu.

Function Primary Contact Primary Contact GitLab Handle Supporting Contact Name Supporting Contact GitLab Handle
Exec Stakeholder Sid Sijbrandij @sytses    
General Stella Treas, Jerome Ng @streas, @jeromezng    
Public Relations/External Comms Natasha Woods, Melissa Smolensky @nwoods1, @melsmo    
Strategic Marketing Melissa Smolensky @melsmo Nout Boctor-Smith @nbsmith
Brand Emily Kyle, Luke Babb @emily @luke    
Sales - APAC Anthony McMahon @amcmahon88    
Sales - Solutions Architecture Cherry Han @cherryhan    
Sales - Enablement / Education Monica Jacobs @monicaj David Somers @dcsomers
Resellers Michelle Hodges @mwhodges Ed Cepulis, Amelia Seow, Kim Jaeger, Colleen Farris @ecepulis, @aseow, @kjaeger, @cfarris
Field Operations David Hong, James Harrison, Tanuja Paruchuri @dhong, @james_harrison, @tparuchuri    
Professional Services David Sakamoto @dsakamoto Michael Lutz, Ryan O'Nell, Mike Pyle @michael_lutz, @ronell, @mpyle
Product Kenny Johnston @kencjohnston Justin Farris @justinfarris
Engineering - Development / Quality Mek Stittri @meks Kyle Wiebers, Lin Jen-Shin, Tanya Pazitny, Grant Young @kwiebers, @godfat-gitlab, @tpazitny, @grantyoung
Engineering - Infrastructure / Delivery Steve Loyd @sloyd Marin Jankovski, Amy Phillips @marin, @amyphillips
Engineering - Distribution Chun Du @cdu1 Steven Wilson, DJ Mountney, Balasankar 'Balu' C @mendeni @twk3, @balasankarc
Engineering - Fulfillment Chase Southard @csouthard Wayne Haber, Krasimir Angelov @whaber, @krasio
Engineering - Security Johnathan Hunt @JohnathanHunt Steve Manzuik, Dominic Couture @smanzuik, @dcouture
Customer Support Shaun McCann @shaunmccann Jason Colyer, Anton Smith, Mike Lockhart, Alvin Gounder, Harsh Chouraria, Emily Chang, Arihant Godha, Alexander Tanayno @jcolyer, @anton, @mlockhart, @alvin, @hchouraria, @emchang, @arihantar, @atanayno
Finance Craig Mestel @cmestel    
Accounting Dale Brown @daleb04 Sarah McCauley @s_mccauley
Legal Rashmi Chachra @rchachra Rob Nalen, Emily Plotkin, Lynsey Sayers, Cathy Hilling, Julie Braughler, Miguel Silva, Robyn Hartough @rnalen, @emilyplotkin, @lasayers, @chilling32, @jbraughler, @md_silva, @rhartough

GitLab Inc Other Informed Team Members

The Other Informed Team Members lists people who have access to confidential information about JiHu that are not directly involved in enabling the JiHu team.

Function Primary Contact Primary Contact GitLab Handle Supporting Contact Name Supporting Contact GitLab Handle
Executive Group Sid Sijbrandij, Scott Williamson, Eric Johnson, Michael McBride, Todd Barr, Robin Schulman, Brian Robins, Wendy Barnes @sytses, @sfwgitlab, @edjdev, @mmcb, @tbarr, @rschulman, @brobins, @wendybarnes Cheri Holmes, Robyn Hartough, Katie Gammon @cheriholmes, @rhartough, @kgammon
Internal Comms Simon Liang @sliang2    
IT Bryan Wise @bryanwise Marc DiSabatino, Peter Kaldis @marc_disabatino-admin, @pkaldis
Engineering - Development Christopher Lefelhocz @clefelhocz1    
Product - Distribution Josh Lambert @joshlambert    
Investor Relations Messaging Tony Righetti @trighetti    
Community Messaging John Coghlan @johncoghlan Brendan O'Leary, Michael Friedrich, Abubakar Siddiq Ango @brendan @dnsmichi @abuango
Sales - Channel Sales Alan Geary @ageary    
Market Research and Customer Insights Traci Robinson-Williams @traci    
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