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Contribution Efficiency

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Property Value
Date Created October 28rd, 2021
Target End Date April 28rd, 2022
Slack #wg_contribution-efficiency (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Task Board Issue board (items above the cut-line)

Business Goal

Implement key business iterations that results in substantial and sustained increases to community contributors & contributions

Exit Criteria (0% completed)

  1. Implement 5 experiments aimed at increasing community contributors and document results broadly
    1. Decreasing community MR Review time
    2. Create additional awards
    3. Education sector outreach
    4. Hackathon continuation
    5. TBD outreach effort
  2. Improve upon contribution process based on successful experiment, optimize into our day-to-day operations
  3. Delivery key joint strategy of increasing community contributors & contributions and hold company-wide AMA
  4. Setup first iteration of community cohort team
  5. Add 2 more awards to community to add on to release MVP
  6. Deliver 3 key iterations to our contribution guidelines
  7. Fully implement MR Coach specialties (Development, Test, Docs & etc)
  8. Experiment with defining contributor specialties based on MR coaches
  9. Define follow up working process between Community Relations and Contributor Success teams

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Mek Stittri VP of Quality
Facilitator David Planella Director of Community Relations
Functional Lead Kyle Wiebers Engineering Manager, Engineering Productivity
Functional Lead Christos Bacharakis Senior Code Contributor Program Manager
Functional Lead Nuritzi Sanchez Senior Open Source Program Manager
Member Nailia Iskhakova Senior Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Distribution
Member Tanya Pazitny Director of Quality Engineering
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