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Engineering Career Matrices Working Group

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Property Value
Date Created March 6, 2020
Target End Date August 20, 2020
Slack #wg_career_matrices (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Career Matrix Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Issue Board Plato Coaching Pilot Issue Board

Business Goal

Deliver 4 career matrices in Engineering as part of PlatoHQ program in response to CultureAmp feedback aligned with this FY21-Q1 Engineering KR

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Facilitator Darva Satcher Engineering Manager for Create: Knowledge and Create: Editor
PO Functional Lead Roos Takken People Business Partner, Engineering
Development Functional Lead Jean du Plessis Engineering Manager, Static Site Editor
Support Functional Lead Shaun McCann Support Engineering Manager - APAC
Quality Functional Lead Tanya Pazitny Quality Engineering Manager, Secure & Enablement
Infrastructure Functional Lead Marin Jankovski Senior Engineering Manager, Delivery and Scalability
Executive Sponsor Christopher Lefelhocz VP of Development

Exit Criteria

The Career Matrix Working Group will deliver:

Iteration Task Status
1 A Baseline Engineering Career Matrix Completed
2 A Framework for Engineering Functional Leads to implement and customize for their teams to ensure consistency and uniformity across Engineering Teams. Completed
3 A fully populated Department Level Career Matrix Completed
4 A fully populated Sub Department Level Career Matrix Completed
5 Application by a Sub Department IC / Manager Pair Completed
6 Gather Survey Feedback to determine whether or not the Framework is useful Completed
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